Chiefs Postgame Quotes - Players

Posted Oct 24, 2010

On the pass interference calls?
“I can’t go about why those were pass interference calls. That’s the call the official made and you’ve just got to go with it.”


Knowing it was still a close game, were you surprised that the coach went for it on fourth down instead of kicking a field goal? “We’re used to it; we’ve been doing it all year. When fourth down comes we’re not even thinking of punting the ball on defense anymore. Coach Haley, he loves living on the edge like that. Our offense has been proving him right so far so he wants to keep doing it.”

It’s really been about a month since you’ve won a game, but you’re winning more this year. Can you talk about that mindset? “Winning is contagious, just like losing is. Last year we went on a losing streak. This year we just went 1-0, we’re 1-0 right now. We’re not trying to go win 15 games in a row, we’re just trying to win one game at a time, one game at a time and not look ahead at the schedule. We’re just playing hard every Sunday we come out here and we try to keep it going.”

Looked like you were able to mix it up today?
“That’s what we try to do every week. We had some success, some other areas we need to be concerned about as far as we had more penalties than we’ve had all season; there’s still a couple times where we went three and out. We’ve got to do better in those areas but we’ll take it.”

On having over 200 yards rushing and not giving up any turnovers for the second straight week: “That’s the plan every week. The plan every week is to be able to run the ball, not turn it over and be able to pass when we have to. We’re trying to be balanced, we don’t like to give the teams any inclination of what we’re doing one way or the other.”

LB Derrick Johnson said this was a game you guys had to have. Did you view it that way? “No, I take them one game at a time. We definitely wanted to get back to winning ways so part of that is winning the first one so we feel good about how the end of the game came out, but there’s some things we have to work on for next week.”

When there is a big run like RB Thomas Jones had, what does that do for an offense? “You know, it’s great. We like that; we like being able to make big plays, but on the flip side of that, when the defense has been on the field for a while it’s not so great of a deal because they have to come right back out there. We’ll take it; it energizes everybody and is something that we want whether we can get it in runs or passes. We like trying to make big plays.”

On the fact that QB Matt Cassel has only been sacked five times in six games: “Yeah, we’ve still got some things to work on. We don’t worry so much about sacks, it’s more just him getting hit or getting touched and that’s some areas we feel that we still have to get better in.”

When’s he’s getting into peoples’ face like he did today, what’s that say? “It’s not smart, that’s one thing. It makes the rest of us have to work even harder. Matt’s a fiery guy and we like his energy and he brings it every week, so we appreciate that.”

On the win
: “Yeah, that was a big win for us, especially coming off a tough loss last week and kind of having that bitter feeling during the week of practice. It felt just kind of good to get that off of you. As a team it was complementary football all the way around – special teams had a turnover; defense scored a touchdown; offense, we were able to make some plays. It just feels good to win that one.”

On his TD rush: “The line did a great job of blocking and closing down that hole backside and I was able to cut back. WR Dwayne Bowe had a great block; I cut off his block and I was able to get some yards and RB Jamaal (Charles) came in and scored right after. Anytime you can have a big play like that to kind of give the team a spark and also kind of get everybody energized, get them ready to go, it’s good for the game, good for the team.”

Second 100-yard game in a row, is that getting kind of mundane? “Not really. I don’t think that’s really ever the case with a 100-yard game. I’m blessed to have been able to stay healthy and I have a good offensive line, all the credit goes to them. They come off the ball every play. (Offensive line coach) Bill Muir does a great job with them during the week and our whole offensive coaching staff. We make sure that we know the game plan and we’re starting to get more and more of a chemistry as we go out there as far as running backs and the offense go.”

On him starting vs. Jamaal Charles starting and getting carries: “Honestly, I could care less about who somebody thinks should be starting. I’m here to do my job. I get paid to make plays; I’m not getting paid to start, I’m here to make plays; Jamaal’s getting paid to make plays as well. That whole situation was kind of corny to me to be honest. We’re both here trying to make plays to help the team win. Whenever you can run for 200 yards as a team two weeks in a row says a lot about your team, says a lot about your running backs group, the offensive line, and the mentality of the whole. For me, that didn’t even cross my mind at all.”

On the win
: “It was a hard-fought victory and the second half we got it together and played complementary football, special teams, offense, and defense. It feels good, I’m not going to lie to you.”

With the QB situation they had, you knew you had to stop the run and you limited RB Maurice Jones-Drew to under 100 yards, that was huge wasn’t it? “It’s big because he’s one of the premier running backs in the league, he’s does it every year and he’s a beast. When you’re able to come out and hold a guy to yards like that, it just shows that our front did our job because that’s our job.”

Seems like you’re getting comfortable working against the opposing offensive tackles? “Like you said, it takes awhile to get used to but I feel like I’m used to it. We get so many reps at practice and I use my leverage. I’m not six-foot-forever, you know what I’m saying, so I’m already low to the ground and usually tackles are tall and I just try to keep my pads down and strike them and use my leverage to my advantage.”

You really look like you’re having a good time out there? “Man, when we’re playing together and shutting people down, it’s fun. There’s no better feeling. I probably won’t be able sleep tonight, I’ll be so crunk [pumped], it just feels good to work with the players and the coaches because we’ve been through the bad times and it just feels so good that it’s going our way and we just want to keep this feeling.”

On the pick-six
: “I was reading the quarterback’s eyes and you’ve got to move fast. He’d been making a couple plays on us earlier in the game, but second half we got settled down. It was a good play call and had me in the hole and that’s what I do best when I read the quarterback and just jumped the route.”

What did the game plan look like against RB Maurice Jones-Drew? “Stack up on the run because it all starts with the run. We didn’t really know or care what quarterback they were going to have today. When you’re in this league, the quarterback is good. Our main focus was to stop the run and I think we did a pretty good job of it today.”

What’s the attitude of this team right now: “We wanted to be 1-1 in this quarter of the season and we’re there now and trying to get back together a winning atmosphere. We lost two hard games in a row. It’s hard to win in the league already, but for us to get back to a winning atmosphere quickly like we did, I think it’s going to propel us. This is a big win for us, really big win for us.”

How do you feel? “I’m more a part of the defense now; I’m helping the team win. That’s why I’m here. Regardless of personal accolades I want to help this team win and when I can help the team win like today, I’m happy.”

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