Chiefs Press on Despite Tough Winless Streak

Posted Nov 27, 2012

The Kansas City Chiefs return to the practice fields this week with Carolina (Panthers) on their minds. Searching for the cure to their current eight-game losing streak requires a proper evaluation of coach and player performances, something Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel isn’t afraid to discuss.

“This is a result-driven business we’re in and when you get results, you feel good about it. When you don’t get results, you don’t feel good about it. There have been some ups and downs offensively. The negatives, as we all know, have occurred a lot of times with the turnovers and not being able to score in the red zone,” Crennel admitted.

Not taking anything away from the consistency of Chiefs K Ryan Succop, who connected on all three of his field goal attempts during Sunday’s loss, his third game this year with three or more FGs in one game, the Chiefs continue to struggle scoring TDs instead of FGs.

Through Sunday, Kansas City has made 26 FGs, compared to 13 TDs. The Chiefs opponents have crossed pay dirt 34 times, which has contributed to the losing streak and caused frustration for both coaches and the players.

“Sure it does, and it’s all about the mentality that the players have because when you lose, nobody feels good about losing. Everybody is frustrated about losing – players, coaches, fans, owners, everybody. What we want or what we need is, we need to try to win a game to make us feel better, give us a little confidence and then if you win one, then maybe we can win another one,” Crennel said.

As far as the team’s scoring deficiency, “Well, if we keep playing and give ourselves a chance, then we will make some plays to put some points on the board,” Crennel admitted.

The reality of being 1-10 is a tough pill to swallow. Regardless of what angle you are coming from, whether it’s the coaching side, the player side or even the front office, there is always pressure to succeed. However, pressure has been known to either burst pipes or to create diamonds, it all depends on one’s point of view. So, would this team buckle under pressure and possibly quit on the season?

“That’s always a concern when you get to this point, but like I’ve said all year, I’ve got good guys in the locker room. This team, they have a good attitude. They work hard at practice. I think that they’re going to stay together and they’re going to try to finish it out. They are going to try to win some of these last games. When you see the effort that was given (Sunday), I don’t think that those guys are checking out,” Crennel said confidently.

As the Carolina Panthers, who outlasted the Philadelphia Eagles 30-22 Monday night, visit Arrowhead on Sunday, the game plan remains the same. “We’re going to work and we’re going to fight and we’re going to try to get it done and try to get a win,” Crennel added.

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