Chiefs QB Brady Quinn using Education, Experience to Help NFL Brethren

Posted Dec 20, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs QB Brady Quinn wants to succeed on the field, in the business world and across the globe.  He also wants past and current NFL players to do the same.

Quinn has teamed with fellow Notre Dame alum Jeff Faine and NFL Player Engagement to develop the new NFL Business Management & Entrepreneurial (BME) “Investment for Impact” program, which will be held at their alma mater Notre Dame - with college and university faculty, industry experts and a trade association to increase the breadth of offerings to assist players in choosing a post-NFL career field.

The NFL has six-training programs for post-NFL careers offered to current and former players. With the longer offseason, four new boot camps/training modules are set to debut in April and May 2013, including “Investment for Impact” from April 18-21.

“Jeff Fane and I were the two players who collaborated upon the idea, and both being Notre Dame alums, we felt that it was in our best interest to try to go back to Notre Dame, where we felt we had a great education,” Quinn said.

“I’m just going to try to open up; hopefully I can be extremely blunt and honest with guys, connect with them and help them understand some things I’ve done wrong, some things I’ve done right, to help them in the future.”

In 2009, the University of Michigan released a study on NFL Finances, confirmed by the NFL, which revealed  that 45% (age 50+) and 48% (age 30-49) of retired players said that they have at some point “experienced significant losses in business or financial investments.”

Regardless of the past or present mistakes, Quinn is motivated to help provide education and opportunity to his NFL brethren, allowing for potential blessings rather than financial burdens. The former Fighting Irish QB said he’ll gauge the program’s success in two ways.

 “I think we have to have guys who want to be there, guys who want to understand how to better invest their money and have an impact, not only on their own lives and their families’ lives, but also other people out there,” Quinn said.

“I think the second thing is, being able to stop seeing these names in articles, again and again. I know people are going to make mistakes, but hopefully we can see players far down the road stop going into bankruptcy.”

It’s been said, ‘with much power, comes much responsibility’ and Brady Quinn’s message to his NFL family is, change can happen now.

“The opportunity to play in the NFL has provided a platform to have an impact on our communities,” said Quinn, a six-year veteran. “It is my hope that through the Notre Dame Entrepreneurial program, attendees may learn how to invest with an impact for the greater good. To me, Invest for Impact means being able to start a for-profit company that is able to provide help for those in need.”

Brady Quinn’s worldwide impact has already begun, right inside his team’s locker room at 1 Arrowhead Drive. “I think it’s great,” admitted Chiefs G Russ Hochstein.

“Brady’s trying to lead by example and we’re more than football players. Guys in here will, for a short period of their life, will get to play this game and once you’re out, there’s a lot more of life to live and most guys have to go on and work and this is a great way to get the ball rolling in that area.”

One of the team captains, LB Derrick Johnson spoke more about the example Brady Quinn provides.

“He’s a prime example of what we need to be like after football is done,” Derrick Johnson said. “He’s a guy that we can mimic by the job well-done he’s going to do after he’s done playing football.”

I couldn’t say it any better myself; to Brady, Jeff and those working to impact the world, well done.

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