Chiefs Quarterbacks Team With High School Players for Scavenger Hunt

Posted May 19, 2017

The Chiefs and high schooler football players visited the Midwest Genealogy Center

Imagine being a high school football player and having the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.

That’s just what happened Wednesday when Smith, Tyler Bray and Joel Stave visited the Midwest Genealogy Center, where they learned about what the building had to offer while getting to know some of the players they admire.

"It was an introduction to all of us to the Midwest Genealogy Center,” Smith explained, “really on how it works.”

First, Cheryl Lang, the manager of the center, explained what the building had to offer. She then broke the Chiefs QBs and high school football players into four teams and sent them on a scavenger hunt in which they needed to use the building’s resources to win.

"The scavenger hunt is a way that we get people used to the building,” she said. “It's a big building, and for them to get to see the 1940 census online was fun, so they had fun looking that up on the computer.

“They got to use maps, they got to use books, so they got to look all over the place, and that's what we want this to be. Not just a matter of dusty old books."

After the hunt, players had the opportunity to interview each quarterback and record their answers.

“That's something I never grew up around—being able to record that, especially all digital now,” Smith said. “It was fun to get real with those guys in there and let them ask some questions.”

The event concluded with a photo opportunity for each of the high school players.

“I thought the neatest thing was watching those kids with their eyes lit up brushing shoulders with their favorite Chiefs players,” Lang added.

The Midwest Genealogy Center (MGC) is one of the nation's preeminent resources for family history, providing access to almost three-quarter of a million on-site materials. The Genealogy Center features 52,000 square feet of space to house all of the free resources and technology needed to research your family history.

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