Chiefs Red and Gold Episode 5

Posted Apr 4, 2014

The Chiefs offseason show, keeping fans in the know

One on One

In this week’s One on One, I sat down with Offensive Coordinator Doug Pederson to discuss Alex Smith's progress through 2013 and what Jamaal Charles brings to this Chiefs offense.

Player Spotlight

Hear from local experts as they discuss why Brandon Flowers is a valuable member of the Chiefs and evaluates his 2013 performance.

Chiefs Live! Overdrive

In this week’s Chiefs Live! Overdrive, Voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holthus and former Chiefs LS Kendall Gammon break down the aggressive and dynamic skill set of Justin Houston.

Access Arrowhead

The former Chiefs defensive back and Chiefs Hall of Famer, Gary Barbaro wore the Red and Gold for seven seasons. He recorded 10 INTs, in 1980, which remains as the club's record for most picks in a single season. In this week's Access Arrowhead, we caught up with Chiefs Hall of Famer Gary Barbaro.

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