Chiefs Secondary Stepping Up, Ready for Sunday

Posted Dec 6, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel entered Wednesday’s press conference like every other press conference, confidently. Doing his absolute best to transition from an unspeakable previous-four days, Crennel began with an injury update.

“Alright, let’s talk about these injuries for a minute. DB (Abram) Abe Elam with a quad(ricep), he’s not going to practice today. CB [Brandon] Flowers with a ham[string] is not going to practice. Limited in practice will be DB Kendrick Lewis with his shoulder,” Crennel announced.

“With the guys not practicing, that makes it a little bit difficult for us because we don’t really know exactly where they are and won’t know until the end of the week what their availability for the game will be. In the meantime, the other guys on the team have to be ready to step up and get done what they need to get done to help us on Sunday.”

The Chiefs will be ready, including the guys like DB Tysyn Hartman, CB Travis Daniels and the rest of the secondary, as they were during Sunday’s 27-21 victory over the Carolina Panthers. Speaking of Hartman, the Kansas State rookie led the team in tackles on Sunday with six and said preparation was one of the keys to his success.

“It was a lot of fun to get out there and help contribute to that win,” Hartman said. “You always try and go out there and prepare to be a starter, prepare like you’re starting, watch as much film as the other guys and try and put in as much work and it really gets put into perspective when guys go down and you have to go out there and be a major contributor.”

Another member of the Chiefs secondary on Sunday, CB Travis Daniels also stepped up and said the team’s effort was strong, especially under the difficult circumstances of the weekend.

“I think it was a great effort by each and every person,” Daniels said. “A lot of people were getting banged up and guys just had to step in and play. Under those types of circumstances, to be able to come out and play the way that we played, it speaks highly of the team’s character.”

Three players in the Chiefs secondary left Sunday’s game because of injury, including starting CB Brandon Flowers. And although he couldn’t use his physical talents while injured, Flowers still helped stop Cam Newton and the Panthers through teaching.

“Just whatever they don’t see on the field, let them know what’s going on, on the sideline,” Flowers said. “You can see more on the sideline. So, just try to give those guys insight, keep their confidence up. That’s all you need to go out there and make plays.”

Whether Flowers is teaching from the sideline or making plays between the white lines, he’s very proud of his guys in the secondary.

“We don’t back down from nothing. We don’t shy away from contact, (we) always want to go out there and make plays.”

The next opportunity to make plays comes Sunday, when the Chiefs travel to Cleveland to face the 4-8 Browns.

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