Chiefs Tailgating: The Pilshaw's

Posted Nov 21, 2012

Patti Pilshaw is the ultimate football fan.

Growing up, Patti was taught to be a cheesehead. Her father was from Wisconsin and was a diehard Green Bay Packers fan. When the Dallas Texans moved to Kansas City, at the age of six, Patti rebelled and traded in her green and yellow to become a Chiefs fan. Although it was quite a controversy in her household, Patti was set on wearing the Red and Gold.

Years later, in 1981, Patti was preparing for her wedding day. Unfortunately, a playoff game was in its final quarter and as her groom waited at the altar, Patti called on the priest to find out what the score of the game was before walking down the aisle.

“Wives always talk about losing their husbands during football season,” Patti’s husband, Russ, commented. “Well I learned that I’m a fan but my wife is an extreme fanatic.”

After nine years of marriage, Patti and her husband moved back to Kansas City from West Virginia and they became season ticket holders.

“When we first moved back to Kansas City in 1990, Patti asked me for an early birthday present, so I said, ‘Sure, what do you want?’ and she said, ‘I want a six pack.’ and I was thinking okay that’s pretty easy, I’ll just run down to the liquor store and get a six pack.”

It wasn’t your typical “six pack” reference.

“She said, ‘No, a Chiefs six pack!’ and she explained to me that it meant you bought a pair of six tickets to the Chiefs games and the next season you had to buy a full pack of season tickets. I thought, ‘Man, we’re really going to get into this thing, oh boy.’”

It grew from there. Patti and her husband currently have nine tickets on the lower level and six tickets in the club level. Not only do they attend every game, Patti and her family visit Chiefs training camp every year.

“We started going to training camp back when my youngest daughter, Veronica, was seven and now she is 25,” Patti explained. “I’ve personally been to 20 training camps. We’ve made it our family vacation every summer to visit Chiefs training camp. We road trip down there, stay in a hotel and make it a fun trip.”

On game days it’s all about tailgating! The tailgate has grown from two cars and a small grill to an extreme tailgater’s paradise.

“We usually average between 25 and 40 people a tailgate,” Patti explained. “Our group is a mixture of family, friends, & business associates. Anybody who wants to come can come, doesn’t matter…We have a monster grill that we fire up and are ready to start cooking as soon as the parking lots open. ”

The preparations for the tailgate experience begin Saturday morning. Russ picks up the food, Patti and Veronica gather and fill the coolers and make sure they have everything needed for the tailgate. They show up at the stadium early to unload their Chiefs RV, which is specifically dedicated to game day tailgating.

“We’ve had our Chiefs RV for three years and it’s always loaded and ready to go for tailgating.” Russ commented. “We got tired of loading and unloading everything from the car so we just keep the RV packed with tables, chairs, and coolers.”

Veronica is typically the running the show when the Chiefs RV is unloaded, giving directions and setting up the tailgate.

“I get here around 7:00 to set everything up,” Veronica explained. “I like to be the organized one, and help set everything up and make sure everyone knows where things go. We’ve had season tickets since I was six or seven so I’ve been a Chiefs fan all my life. Everything we do every year is really planned around the Chiefs schedule.”

The Pilshaw’s are dedicated to their hometown team. Their tailgate is fully equipped with a huge grill, great food and wonderful people. The Pilshaw’s and the rest of their tailgate have shown faithful support and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Thank you Russ, Patti, Veronica, and the rest of the crew for inviting us to take part in your pregame festivities, the food was phenomenal, the company was wonderful, and the Chiefs spirit was evident. Thank you for your continued devotion and loyalty.

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