Chiefs Unplugged: Talking Peyton Manning

Posted Dec 30, 2012

Team describes Denver's QB Peyton Manning and what he does best on the field

LB Brandon Siler
“He’s one of the best ever. He does everything well. You don’t become one of the best ever, if you’re not great at what you do.”

DT Dontari Poe
“He’s like a coach on the field; he dissects defenses real well, so (we have to) try to disguise stuff, but sometimes he sniffs that out too.”

LB Justin Houston
“What doesn’t he do, that’s the question. He’s a great quarterback, there’s really nothing you can say that he doesn’t do. He’s smart, an amazing quarterback.”

DE Tyson Jackson
“He does everything exceptionally well. We’re just going to have our hands full this week. He’s the Hall of Fame QB; he’s probably the best QB in the NFL right now.”

CB Brandon Flowers
“Peyton is just Peyton; he’s always consistent, that’s what makes him so good. He always puts his offense in the best position to make plays.”

S Eric Berry
“Peyton does a great job of involving everybody on their offense. When he comes at you, you just have to be ready; there’s no kind of scheme or anything to try to prepare for Peyton and stop him. He’s a great quarterback; you just have to know your one-on-one matchups.”

What about Peyton Manning’s audible orchestrations?

DE Tyson Jackson
“For most of it, he’s just trying to read and analyze our defense, so we’re going to have to try and keep our hands close for quite some time and try to confuse him, not let him get a read on what type of defense we’re playing and at the last minute, show our hands, so we can put ourselves in position where we can play winning football on that particular down.”

LB Brandon Siler
“I don’t think you get tied up in that, because if you do, he’s going to do nothing but fool you. So, I don’t think you get caught up in that.”

S Eric Berry
“I try not to even pay attention to it. I just try to read my keys; there isn’t really too much you can do to show him, that’s going (to) confuse him too much, so I just try to read my keys and play my technique, so I don’t try to get caught up in it.”

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