Posted May 1, 2010

"Wherever Coach Haley needs me to be, that’s where I’m going to be...”

Q: How has it been so far?

DEXTER McCLUSTER: “It’s been great here in Kansas City. Just working hard and trying to make the team.”

Q: Is your head spinning like coach said yesterday?

McCLUSTER: “Everybody’s head is going to be spinning a little bit, but if you put time into the playbook, things will be okay.”

Q: Yesterday they threw you into wide receiver drills. Today you were in running back drills. What’s that like for you to learn multiple positions?

McCLUSTER: “I’ll be able to handle it. Wherever Coach Haley needs me to be, that’s where I’m going to be.”

Q: Where do you prefer to be?

McCLUSTER: “It doesn’t really matter. Wherever he puts me, you’re going to get the same guy.”

Q: Have you been doing some special teams drills at all?

McCLUSTER: “I am.”

Q: Are you back there with DB Javier Arenas working on special teams?

McCLUSTER: “Yeah, we’re back there and we’re competing. We’re rookies and we’re trying to make the team so we’re going to go out there and compete.”

Q: How was dinner last night?

McCLUSTER: “Dinner was great last night.”

Q: Coach said you were going to be judged at dinner. Did you feel like you were?

McCLUSTER: “You’re always being judged around here, so you’ve got to be on your Ps and Qs at all times.”

Q: Do you expect that they’ll ask you to add a little weight, but there is a fear that adding weight will cut down on speed. What kind of balance do you think the game plan will hold for that?

McCLUSTER: “I can tell you one thing, I’m 5’8” and 21 years old, so I don’t think I’m growing any taller right now. We have a great strength and conditioning program here. I take it very seriously and I’m just going to do whatever they ask me to do.”

Q: Are you okay adding 10 pounds or whatever it takes for these guys?

McCLUSTER: “Like I said, whatever they want me to do, that’s what’s going to happen.”

Q: Is there anything about coming up to the next level that surprised you or that you didn’t anticipate?

McCLUSTER: “I knew the tempo would be faster, but I didn’t think it would be this fast. If I can transition to the speed of the game, I’ll be okay.”

Q: Not many guys in the league are your size. Does that make you a little nervous that there haven’t been a lot of guys who have done what you’re trying to do?

McCLUSTER: “Not nervous at all. I’m just going to use my God-given talents and put them to work on the field.”

Q: Do you look to anybody that has done the sort of thing that you’re trying to do? Is there anyone that’s kind of like a role model?

McCLUSTER: “Barry Sanders is one of my role models, so I love watching him. But at the end of the day, I want to make the team and I want to make a name for myself.”

Q: What’s this last weekend been like for you? You obviously knew you were going to get drafted, but looking back, it’s been a week, you’re in an NFL city, you’re in Chiefs gear, what’s this whole week been like for you?

McCLUSTER: “This week has been great. Leading up to the draft, it seemed like it would never get here, but it’s here now. I want to make sure I study the playbook and do whatever I can do to make sure I’m a Kansas City Chief for good.”

Q: People talk about being in a good situation right off the bat. Do you know that the second you get here or are you still trying to get acclimated with everything?

McCLUSTER: “It is a business, but Coach Haley, he’s about winning and I sensed that as soon as I walked through that door. I’m going to do whatever it takes and I’m sure the other guys are going to do the same – doing whatever Coach Haley tells us to do to win.”

Q: What were your first impressions of Todd Haley and your offensive coordinator Charlie Weis?

McCLUSTER: “Coach Haley, my impression was he is a winner. He wants to win and he’s going put you in the best situations to win. Coach (Charlie) Weis, he’s a great coach. He’s going to put us in position.”

Q: Are you excited to be a part of an offense with two accomplished offensive coaches?

McCLUSTER: “It does excite me because you never know what’s going happen. Whatever they ask, you best believe I’m doing it.”

Q: Was there ever a time at Ole Miss where you though your size was a disadvantage?

McCLUSTER: “There was never a time at Ole Miss that I doubted myself. All my life growing up, I’ve been a smaller guy and had to prove it to people. It was pretty much the fuel to my success I say.”

Q: If you had a dollar for every time someone told you that you were too small, would you already be a millionaire?

McCLUSTER: “I would be a millionaire, definitely.”

Q: As you went through interviews, were there any teams, not just the Chiefs, that you thought asked you inappropriate, funny or kind of weird questions?

McCLUSTER: “Nothing inappropriate. One funny instance was a coach asked me to sing for him because he knew my singing background. That was it, no inappropriate questions or anything like that.”

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