Dear Chiefs Kingdom

Posted Nov 14, 2012

Welcome Chiefs Insider Reid Ferrin

I was born and raised in the small town of Grasston, Minnesota (population of 123). My parents, both educators, have always been heavily involved in sports. My dad played football and later became an outstanding high school football coach, earning the accolade of Coach of the Year in Wisconsin(1985). My mom was a collegiate cheerleader and to this day, she follows the game of football like no other.

My older brother and I began our love for sports by serving as the ball boys for my dad’s football teams. The competitive spirit grew with each new sports season, football being at the top of the list. Living in Minnesota, I rooted for the Purple and Gold, hoping for the day we’d welcome the Vince Lombardi Trophy to town but the statue remained elusive.

While cheering for the Vikings, I learned more about the game and followed my favorite players with passion. I wanted to know everything I could about them because it brought me not only closer to the franchise, but closer to the community around me that also shared their love for the hometown team.

As I matured, so did my philosophy about football. What was once about throwing the ball around the yard and emulating my favorite players was now about a grander dream. It was now about the structure of the team and how it evolves as a group. It was about the pursuit of championships and it was about every year being a new beginning towards that goal.

One of the many favorite memories I have from my childhood includes playing touch football. My brother and I would bring the ball and would meet our friends at the Grasston post office, quickly divide into teams and then play ball. We would always pick which player we wanted to be and looking back on it, I see the impact sport has on those who love it, like you and me.

So why the letter? I wanted to introduce myself to you – as I formally begin my new position. I couldn’t be more excited about the privilege I’ve been given to work as your new Chiefs Insider. I have worked in many different places which have molded me for this position. My experience has taken me from a public television gig as an anchor and sports reporter, to Florida State University as a video producer and team reporter to the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN … and a few other places in between!

I have three passions in life; my faith, my family and now my Kansas City Chiefs. I have traded my horn and yellow braids for the tomahawk chop and barbecue! I’m truly blessed to be part of the Chiefs Kingdom and I expect to over deliver to you, the faithful, the most insight and access available. If you ever see me out and about, I hope you will stop me so we can talk Chiefs football, barbecue, etc. as I am excited to be invited into your world.


Reid Ferrin

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