Posted Sep 28, 2012

Kansas City linebacker teams up with United Way to improve education.

Kansas City, Mo. - Kansas City Chiefs’ Derrick Johnson can hold his own on the football field. More than that, the All-Pro linebacker proved he can be a driving force behind the momentum of a game. But it’s his efforts off the field that make Johnson stand out amongst the many talented players in his league.

Johnson recently joined United Way TEAM NFL, a group of civic-minded, college-educated NFL athletes whose current focus is on improving education in America.

Right now, only one high school student in every four graduates on time in America. The members of TEAM NFL have set out to change this by recruiting volunteers to become readers, tutors and mentors in their local schools, with the hope that by the year 2018, the high school dropout rate will be half of what it is today.

NFL players are charged with recruiting 3,000 volunteers each, toward a goal of one million volunteers to improve education in their communities and in our country.

These volunteers will be able to meet with a child and push them in the direction of academic success, which will eventually ensure that they make it to the stage of their high school graduation ceremony.

Johnson’s passion for education will surely compliment the United Way’s TEAM NFL campaign and become an asset to the local educational system

Of course, change won’t come without the support of his fans. United Way TEAM NFL needs strong individuals who are willing to go alongside students through their academic careers to provide encouragement and support.

Join TEAM JOHNSON by pledging to be a reader, tutor or mentor at:

Remember, you could be the difference between a dropout and a graduate.

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