Derrick Johnson Postgame Comments

Posted Dec 2, 2012

How did you manage: “It was tough. It really hit me this morning, waking up not being able to talk to Jovan [Belcher]. Being the middle backer, the heart of this defense, that’s who I talk to all the time. I was really emotional going to the stadium this morning. I knew we had to pull together; he’s a strong minded guy, so I knew he would want us to pull together and get a win.

Did you sleep? “I slept. It was an exhausting day for the team, but I slept at night and woke up and it just hits you. One of those things were you think it’s a bad dream and you wake up and it’s still there.”

Was there any doubt in your mind that you should play the game today? “We wanted to play the game because we are football players, we love the game. When something happens like this what we would do is sit around for a couple of hours when we are supposed to be playing just thinking about the tragedy that went on. It’s a tough deal this one is a one day thing it is going to take time.”

You are one of his friends; did you see anything that he was under this pressure? “No, I didn’t see anything at all. Jovan is the definition of a teammate. He’s going to give 100 percent every time; he’s one of the most consistent players I’ve played with. He and I have grown really close since he’s been on the team, and this is devastating. I was once told that the hardest thing a person can go through is burying their child, so my heart goes out their families – Kasandra and Jovan’s families. You just can imagine what they are going through right now, and as a team, we lost a brother. It’s going to take time and life goes on, but we lost a good one.”

People think you guys are tough guys, don’t talk about your feelings. Does this change the way you talk? “It does. This situation shows that we need to talk to each other more as men, not just as football players. Generally men don’t really show their feelings, we don’t talk about what’s going on and don’t show emotion. To have an act like this to go on that could have been avoided and as a teammate we need to do more making sure the teammate is ok. Jovan was a perfect teammate.”

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