'Do you have what it takes to wear the skirt?'

Posted Dec 10, 2012

The Chiefs are looking for 33 amazing ladies to represent the Kansas City Chiefs organization for the 2013 season. Being a Chiefs Cheerleader is about representing the team on the field and in our community and offers the opportunity to experience the NFL in a unique and extraordinary way. (Photo Gallery)

The next chance to tryout begins in February 2013.

“The goal of the tryout process is to find girls whose character fits the very best with the team and organization and who can bring new, inspiring and unique attributes to the program,” first year Chiefs cheerleader Erin said.

Those girls are found through an intense three-day tryout event where the candidates are able to show off their talent.

“What an amazing weekend full of emotion, hard work and showcasing our passion for the organization and for the squad,” veteran Chiefs cheerleader Jillian commented.

Although it is a difficult few days, the girls that make it through would say it is well worth it.

“The weekend of tryouts was definitely intense,” first year Chiefs cheerleader Alicia said. “But I made new friends, gained confidence and while it was an emotional rollercoaster, I learned a lot about myself and leaned quickly my strengths and weaknesses.”

To prepare for the three-day tryouts, the Chiefs provide workshops, which are not required but provide valuable information and details about the program.

“The tryout process really starts about two months prior to the audition dates,” Jillian explained. “The organization provides audition workshops that introduce the roles and responsibilities of being a Chiefs cheerleader. Each workshop focuses on a different aspect of the audition process from dance performance, to glamour/swimsuit prep, to football knowledge and communication.”

Along with the workshops, there are also two audition clinics available, which are designed to help prepare candidates for tryouts. These clinics will teach girls the actual material they will perform at auditions.

“Each clinic is info heavy, yet is a comfortable risk-free time to learn about the audition process,” Jillian said. “The current squad runs the clinics, so between meeting all of the girls, to attending concept-specific clinics, it really benefits the audition candidate to attend as many clinics as possible.”

Days after the clinics, it’s time for the real thing. Time to perform the routine you’ve been working on for weeks, stand in front of a crowded room to display your communication skills and walk that runway as confidently as you practiced.

“The weekend of tryouts is basically an extensive process in which we are judged on our dance skills, solo performances, speaking/communication skills, fitness, appearance, and overall professionalism, personality and interaction with others,” Erin said.

The first day of tryouts is specifically for the rookie candidates. The second day includes semi-finalists and veteran candidates and the last day is the finals.

“At the rookie round on Friday night, you have to come prepared technically and mentally and not let the intimidation of the other talented girls around you become overwhelming,” first year Chiefs cheerleader Alicia said. “At semi-finals you have to gain the confidence that the veteran candidates have and prove that you are capable of dancing their style and have a personality that would mesh well with the team. At finals you have to give it your all, proving why you deserve to be on the field, from physical fitness to communication and performance style.”

A portion of the semi-finals are also open to the public. The girls are not only performing in front of the judges but their family, friends and fans are there to support them. Once the show is over and the last guest has exited, the judges start deliberating.

“The girls gather their belongings and try to relax a bit as this could be our last night. We wait for the judges to come back out and read our number,” Jillian said.

For the girls who go on to the finals and make it past the last round of eliminations to become Chiefs cheerleaders, say it is an incredible opportunity.

“This organization has done more for me than I could ever do for it,” first year Chiefs cheerleader Kassi said. “It not only provides a venue in which I get to share my passion of dancing with hundreds of thousands of people but it has also provided me with so many unique opportunities and learning experiences.”

Those experiences can have a lasting impression. Current Chiefs cheerleaders encourage those considering trying out, to seize the opportunity.

“If the thought ‘I want to be a Chiefs Cheerleader’ has ever crossed your mind, tryout!” Alicia said.

Erin agreed and added some advice. “My one piece of advice for a girl who is about to go through the tryout process for the upcoming 2013 season is to go into it with a completely-open mind, open heart and no barriers up – that is the only way to learn and grow and get the most out of the experience.”

For those considering auditioning to be a 2013 Chiefs cheerleader, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Registration is already open.

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