Draft: Jonathan Baldwin Q&A Highlights

Posted Apr 29, 2011

Q: Was this a surprise to you at all or did you think the Chiefs might pick you?

BALDWIN: “Can you repeat the question please?”

Q: Yeah, was this a surprise to you or did you think the Chiefs might pick you?

BALDWIN: “You know, just sitting here, just watching the draft, just hoping and praying that they would and they did select me and it’s a dream come true.”

Q: Did they have much contact with you before the draft?

BALDWIN: “I actually visited and sat down to talk to Coach (Todd) Haley and everybody else and they liked me a lot so I was thinking I would end up here.”

Q: They obviously thought you were the third best receiver in the draft, what makes you, you agree with that? What makes you the third best receiver in the draft?

BALDWIN: “I’m a very hard worker you know, I bring big play activity to the Chiefs, you know I’ll give it everything I have. I’ll do everything the coaches ask me to do and that’s what I’ll do.”

Q: Your coming to a team that had a wide receiver go the Pro Bowl last year, Dwayne Bowe, have you ever followed him, is that a player that you know much about?

BALDWIN: “Well you know, that’s a great thing to have, soon as I’ll go in I’ll listen, soak up a lot of things from him, I’ll learn a lot from him and that just makes the team all around better.”

Q: Jonathan how did you convince the Chiefs people that whatever character issues were in your past were not going to be a problem in the future?

BALDWIN: “I sat down with all the coaching staff and I just told them the kind of person that I am and after they talked to me for about five minutes they understood that I was a good person and I would not be a problem and just want to win here.”

Q: What kind of person did you tell them you are?

BALDWIN: “I’m a teammate, I’m a great teammate, you know, I’m a hard worker, I don’t cause any problems, I do everything that the coaches need me to do and I’ve been doing that since I’ve been playing.”

Q: It looked like, I read something somewhere, that said that you called out your quarterback at Pitt after you left, is that something that you regret, something you don’t want to do in the NFL now or is that just kind of who you are?

BALDWIN: “No, I’m definitely not that way, I’m greatly happy that the Chiefs selected me, I’m going to do everything that I have to do, and just be a great teammate.”

Q: What are your strengths?

BALDWIN: “I pack in the football, catch the football with my hands down the field big plays, using my bigger body to box off smaller defensive backs.”

Q: How do you, maybe this isn’t a fair question, but I’m going to ask it anyway, how do you differ from what Dwayne Bowe does?

BALDWIN: “You know, I don’t know too much about Dwayne Bowe, I know he was a great receiver last year, went to the Pro Bowl, I don’t really know too much about him. When I get in there I am going to learn as much as I can about him, soak a lot of things up from him.”

Q: Jonathan, how would you describe your personality, I don’t mean on-field personality, I mean lockerroom personality, off the field, kind of who are you, do you think?

BALDWIN: “I’m a guy that, I want to learn, I want to know a lot, so after practice I’ll be getting with other receivers, the quarterbacks, and just kind of, get as much information, and those guys telling me what they need me to do, what they think I should do in this situation, different things of that nature. So just finding out different things to better the team.”

Q: So for anybody here, whatever issues you may have had in your background, that’s not going to be a problem into the future?

BALDWIN: “No definitely not.”

Q: Jonathan when you came in here did you sit down and look at tape at all with Coach Haley?

BALDWIN: “No I didn’t.”

Q: It was a little confusing for the people watching at home I think, tell us if you were confused on what happened with the pick in front of you. The clock ran out and no one knew what was going on, when did you get the phone call from the Chiefs, you know in relation to what else was going on TV.

BALDWIN: “Can you repeat that question?”

Q: It looked pretty confusing on television because the Ravens didn’t get their pick in on time, when did the Chiefs call you, had they already turned the card in, do you have any idea on the timing of that?

BALDWIN: “Right after Ravens clock ran out they called me, like a minute or two after that, so I was talking to Coach Haley and then I knew right then.”

Q: Jon where are you tonight and who’d you watch the draft with?

BALDWIN: “I’m in my house in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, watching with my parents, and just all my family.”

Q: Who’s your agent?

BALDWIN: “Rick Smith.”

Q: Are you guys going to get a deal done, I mean obviously with the lockout it’s kind of different but do you plan on getting to camp on time?

BALDWIN: “Yeah I’m just trying to do everything I can to just better the team and to do everything I can possible.”

Q: What does it mean to be a football player from Aliquippa?

BALDWIN: “You know, it’s a big tradition, Mike Ditka started it all and the last one to come out of Aliquippa was Darrelle Revis. And to continue the tradition, it means a lot to me.”

Q: Do you consider yourself a breakaway threat?

BALDWIN: “Excuse me?”

Q: Do you consider yourself a breakaway threat, a guy with speed?

BALDWIN: “Yes I do.”

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