Draft: Justin Houston Q&A

Posted Apr 29, 2011

Chiefs third-round pick

Q: Were you asked more to just kind of attack the quarterback and pass rush and I guess how does that translate to what you might be asked to do here?

HOUSTON: “Yes I was, asked to attack the pass rushing back, I’m going to come in and do what the coaches ask and do what they want me to do and go from there.”

Q: You know much about the Chiefs, did you ever follow the Chiefs?

HOUSTON: “No, I didn’t really follow any NFL teams, I feel like I was too busy with my life so I didn’t really follow any NFL.”

Q: Did you plan on playing in the NFL?

HOUSTON: “Yes I did.”

Q: Was it a tough decision, deciding whether to go back to Georgia for one more year or go to the draft?

HOUSTON: “It was very tough.”

Q: Why did you do it this way?

HOUSTON: “I wanted to come out to help my family financially.”

Q: You know much about Tamba Hali?

HOUSTON: “No I know some, I heard about him, heard a lot of great things about him, I’m ready to come in and compete for a starting spot.”

Q:  Did you have much contact with the Chiefs before the draft?

HOUSTON: “Yes sir, we talked, I came out there on a visit.”

Q: Were you surprised that you’d go this low in the third round?

HOUSTON: “No sir, me and my agent talked and because of some of the poor decisions I’ve made, I’d probably be put in this position."

Q: Justin you are coming into a ‘3-4’ defense, is that where you thought you’d end up, in a ‘3-4’ team, did you have a preference coming in whether it was a ‘3-4’ ‘4-3’?

HOUSTON: “No sir I didn’t have a preference, just wanted to get a chance to play in the NFL and I have my opportunity and I’m going to make the best of it.”

Q: Which are you more comfortable with?

HOUSTON: “It doesn’t matter, I just love playing football, I just love doing it, whatever coach tells me to do I’m going to do it.”

Q: Last year was your first year in the ‘3-4’ right?

HOUSTON: “Yes sir.”

Q: What are your thoughts about playing at linebacker, you feel right at home there?

HOUSTON: “Yes sir I did, I felt like I had more freedom than I did at defensive end in ‘4-3.’ but what position I play doesn’t matter, like I said, I’m just ready to come in and work and do what the coach says.”

Q: What kind of impact do you have or think you’ll be able to make on the team?

HOUSTON: “A positive impact, I can tell you that much, I’m bringing nothing but positivity to the table, I’m going to try to keep it that way.”

Q: What do you think you are going to be able to bring to the table?

HOUSTON: “We’re going to see, we’re going to wait and see. I hope I can develop some great pass rush skills, become a great pass rusher.”

Q: Justin you talked about some of the decisions you made, and how that affected your draft stock, how did you convince the Chiefs people that that was all in your past and that was all behind you?

HOUSTON: “I felt like I had to be very honest with them, tell them it was a mistake I made and I put it behind me and I’m not going to do anything they don’t want me to do, I think they trust me, they took a chance and I’m going to make them proud for taking that chance.”

Q: Did they ask you a lot of questions about that?

HOUSTON: “They asked me a few questions, not too many, not really.”

Q: Did you find other teams were asking those sorts of questions or not?

HOUSTON: “Yeah, pretty much everyone asked the same questions.”

Q: Are you angry with yourself for making the poor decisions and maybe dropping out of the first round?

HOUSTON: “Yes sir, two types of pain I feel like you live with, pain with discipline and pain with regret, and right now I’m feeling the pain of regret with the decision, but I have to put it in the past, I need to move forward.”

Q: You think this has helped you mature, helped you grow as a person?

HOUSTON: “I think it did, a lot, it opened my eyes, I’m glad it happened, I’m glad I got the opportunity to play football.”

Q: So will that be a motivating thing for you, to do the very best you can?

HOUSTON: “Yes sir, very motivational”

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to coach (Todd) Haley since you were selected?

HOUSTON: “Yes sir, for a brief second. “

Q: What did he say to you?

HOUSTON: “He asked if I remembered the talk we had when I came to visit and he said we were going to talk later and I trust you will come in and do the right thing.”

Q: You said you didn’t follow the NFL much, I wouldn’t say most guys who are getting drafted would not say that. Was that something you sort of did deliberately so you could focus your attention on the business at hand or did you just not have any interest?

HOUSTON: “I just tried to keep my mind off of it. I knew it’d be a lot going on with this whole process so I just tried to keep my mind off of it, just think about something else, just worry about football at the time.”

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