Draft Order Becomes Official

Posted Mar 31, 2011

The Chiefs own eight selections in 2011 and will swap fifth-round picks with Detroit following a ruling by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

The Chiefs eight 2011 NFL Draft selections became official late Thursday afternoon when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced resolution to Detroit’s  appeal of discipline related to tampering charges filed by Kansas City.

Goodell’s original ruling, distributed in February, called for Detroit to swap fifth-round picks with the Chiefs and forfeit a seventh-round selection as well. The Commissioner amended that ruling today, but the alteration would have no impact on the Chiefs.

Per an email distributed by the NFL Office, Detroit will retain its seventh round pick in 2011 (obtained from Denver), which is the second pick of the seventh round, and will instead forfeit a selection in next year’s draft. The Lions will continue to swap fifth-round picks with the Chiefs in 2011, allowing Kansas City to select 14 slots higher in that round.

So that makes things official. Here’s what the Chiefs draft selections look like…

Chiefs 2011 Draft Selections

21st overall (1st round)

55th overall (2nd round)

86th overall (3rd round)

118th overall (4th round)

*135th overall (5th round)

#140th overall (5th round)

@199th overall (6th round)

223rd overall (7th round)

*from Denver through Tampa Bay (trade compensation for DL Alex Magee)

#from Detroit via ruling by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

@compensatory pick awarded from the loss of OL Wade Smith through 2010 free agency

Additional Notes: Tampa Bay obtains Kansas City’s sixth-round pick (187th overall) as part of the Magee trade. Detroit will select 154th overall after swapping fifth-round picks with Kansas City.

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