Duo of Chiefs “School” Wizards in Fundraising Debate About Football

Posted May 21, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs LB Corey Mays and G/T Ikechuku Ndukwe are used to taking on opponents with their muscle and brawn. However, they recently utilized their heads and oratory skills as they debated Kansas City Wizards players D Matt Besler and M/F Graham Zusi on the subject of who plays the “real football.” This friendly dispute took place to help raise funds for DEBATE- Kansas City, which supports urban education.

As the evening wore on, barbs flew between the footballer and the futballers. Topics such as the importance of the Super Bowl versus the World Cup, the way penalties are recognized by each sport’s referee, the conditioning of each sport’s respective athletes and which sport Americans prefer were all bantered back and forth. As the debate concluded, the two sides exchanged handshakes even though they each felt as though their respective argument was the most successful.

“We’re a little bias but I think the crowd was behind our side much more than theirs,” said Ndukwe with a wry smile on his face as Mays nodded in agreement. “But seriously, the important part was helping to raise funds for DEBATE – Kansas City. We actually had some young men and women here tonight that participate in debate. To hear their stories and know what an important impact it’s been in their maturation shows just how vital programs like debate are.”

DEBATE- Kansas City (DKC) is an organization which focuses on helping youth to become educated and successful within society. It is a foundation for students that provide lasting skills such as, improving test scores and GPAs, boosting confidence, lowering the influence of unsafe behavior and encouraging students’ aspirations to graduate and attend college. Since 2001, more than 95 percent of DKC seniors have graduated high school.

Thanks to an event that would be entitled “a friendly” by international soccer standards, the real winners of the evening were the youth. The proceeds raised by this debate have been earmarked to directly reach local junior high and high school debaters at urban schools.

While the argument between the gridiron and the pitch is sure to range on, there’s no debating that the evening’s festivities truly will help to mold our future leaders.

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