Posted May 1, 2010

"I am enjoying it. I love being in Kansas City right now and it has been fun...”

Q: How are you doing so far? How do you like the NFL so far?

ERIC BERRY: “I am enjoying it. There are a lot of things that are pretty much the same that I learned from Monte Kiffin in college. I am enjoying it. I love being in Kansas City right now and it has been fun.”

Q: How did Monte Kiffin try and prepare you for the NFL?

BERRY: “Really he was just showing me the way they do things as far as the practices, the procedures, how they prepare for practice, pretty much the same meeting schedules and things like that. It is pretty much the same, minus the class stuff. When we didn’t have class it was pretty much the same as it is now. I think he has really prepared me for this level.”

Q: Did you feel a little bit more comfortable because of your previous experience?

BERRY: “I can’t speak for everyone else, but I think Coach Kiffin did really help me out on that. I know that he had, pretty much, the same type of schedule, pretty much the same type of coaching philosophy so that did help.”

Q: I know that they had moved you up to the line of scrimmage some at Tennessee. Is it going to feel good to get back playing like you did before?

BERRY: “I’m just really excited to be here, honestly. I just love playing football whether it is the same role I had last year or a different one. I am just happy to be on the field. With all the draft stuff and all the visits, I am just ready to get down in the grass and play some ball.”

Q: Coach Haley said the rookies are 18 days behind. How do you catch up as quickly as possible?

BERRY: “Really just have to put in overtime, just get in my playbook, make sure I know everything that is going on, ask questions, that is a big part of it. I have (Defensive Backs Coach) Emmitt Thomas in my meeting room. I can ask him all types of questions; he is a Hall of Famer. I have a good tool in him. Also I have to just come back in shape and be ready to play, be ready to perform on the field.”

Q: Is it hard to ask those questions to a Hall of Famer?

BERRY: “I think Coach Thomas is a very personable guy. He is down to Earth, he doesn’t have that big ego. He encourages us to ask questions and having him in that meeting room is truly a blessing.”

Q: What were you first impressions of him?

BERRY: “He was talking to us yesterday at dinner, telling us that he has the most interceptions in Kansas City history. He was talking about that and saying how much the game has changed. I think a lot of the guys can relate to him in the secondary because he is just that type of guy. He is always smiling and always trying to teach us something new.”

Q: Do you feel like you are a leader that can come in and set the tone this early?

BERRY: “I really just want to come in and contribute to the team. I want to come in, show that I work hard, show that I am dedicated to this team and wherever that may take me, if it does put me in that leadership role then so be it. I just really want to come in and show the guys that I am accountable and show them I can be depended upon.”

Q: Have you heard from any of the vets so far?

BERRY: “Me and CB Brandon Flowers talk back and forth. I trained down in Del Ray (FL) and that is his hometown. During the off-season he came down there and we were talking a little bit. He kind of showed me a lot of the drills that were going to happen at the combine, so he pretty much prepared me for the skill drills and I am very thankful for that. I am looking forward to actually being on the same team with him and actually talking with him.”

Q: Did you guys ever talk about the possibility of you guys playing together?

BERRY: “We have. He just told me, regardless of anything, what anybody says, just come in ready to work. He told me what kind of coach Coach Haley was and how he was. I just really wanted to come in and work and hopefully that can happen.”

Q: Obviously you are just one guy, but what kind of pressure do you put on yourself to come in here and be a difference maker to help this team win games?

BERRY: “Just like I said, first of all I have to catch up. I am already behind as far as the other vets. I want to come in and work, pick up knowledge from those guys and just really come out to compete and contribute. Wherever it is, on special teams, kickoff, punt team, wherever it is, I just want to contribute to this team and help out.”

Q: Is there anything at this level that surprised you when you got here?

BERRY: “No, not really. I can’t say that it has. Like I said, Coach Kiffin and the staff that we had last year, all of those guys came from the NFL. The same way we are being evaluated now is the same way we were being evaluated at Tennessee. I think that really helped me out.”

Q: What about the speed?

BERRY: “All of the guys aren’t up here and I haven’t really been out there in seven on sevens or one on ones or anything like that. I am just trying to come out and make sure that I am playing as fast as I can. I think we will probably find out on the 16th when a lot of the veterans are here. I think that will probably be a big difference though.”

Q: Now that you are in the NFL, how has your life changed? Have you heard from some people you haven’t heard from for a while?

BERRY: “Really nothing has happened outside of football. A lot of people have been coming up and pretty much talking to me a lot more including people I haven’t heard from for a long time. A lot of people are saying they are going to come out here and support me in Kansas City. Tennessee was only three hours away from Atlanta, we are in the Midwest now and that is a pretty big difference. I just really try not to focus on all of that stuff. My dad pretty much does a good job of regulating that. He knows who has been in my life and been helping me out. He has really been supportive. Up until now, if you come in and I haven’t seen you in the past, I kind of know what is going on.”

Q: How much easier is it to come in and work with guys like CB Brandon Flowers, CB Brandon Carr and even Coach Emmitt Thomas? Does it make the transition easier?

BERRY: “It is very helpful. Those guys (Flowers and Carr) have been in the league for, I think, three years now and they have seen a lot more than I have. I am coming from the college level and they have been playing in this league for three years. They have a lot of experience that is valuable. The only thing I can do is pick their brains and figure out what I can use and what is going to help me.”

Q: What are some of your long term goals with the Chiefs?

BERRY: “The main thing I want to do long term is definitely still be a Kansas City Chief. This is where I want to be, this is who I want to play for. I love this staff, I love the fans. Everybody always tells me about the fans, I can’t wait to play for them. I really just want to make sure that I am still a Kansas City Chief at the end of the day.”

Q: Can you think of any absurd questions that were asked to you during your meetings prior to the draft?

BERRY: “Not really. I can’t really remember anything that was off the wall.”

Q: Are you okay with the expectation that you may be moving into a starting role and playing right away?

BERRY: “Really, I just want to make sure I learn as fast as I can, make sure I come in ready to play. If it is that starting role, I am going to try and make sure that I am ready for that whatever it is. Until that point I will just keep working and keep going hard every day.”

Q: Did you get your Camaro yet?

BERRY: “Yeah, it is actually getting customized right now.”

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