Field Trip with the Chiefs

Posted Dec 17, 2012

Students from the Kansas City area are able to learn about health, fitness and the human body in a fun and interactive way inside Arrowhead Stadium at the Chiefs Sports Lab powered by Blue KC. (Photo Gallery)

The Sports Lab offers activities including exercise, nutrition, injury prevention and memory games.

“The time in the Sports Lab is an interactive health and fitness adventure for the kids,” Mallory Lutz, Sports Lab Coordinator noted. “There are games having to do with every part of your body dealing with fitness, mental games and the nervous system, just to name a few.”

The lab is open every day of the week and normally has two schools visit a day, with groups ranging from 40-150 students. So far in 2012, there have been almost 18,000 eager students who have been through the Sports Lab experience.

“The goal of the Sports Lab is to teach the kids about health and fitness in a way that they will understand it and use the tools they learn here and apply them to their life,” Tyler Banks, Sports Lab Tour Guide explained.

The Sports Lab meets state educational standards for science, math and physical education for both Missouri and Kansas so it is another way for teachers to implement their lesson plans into a field trip.

“In the fifth grade in Kansas education, you are required to study the human body. Right now we are studying all about the nervous system so it’s interesting to see that they are finding things in the lab that we have talked about in class” Shari Weeks said, Chiefs season-ticket holder and fifth grade teacher at Auburn Elementary.

The Sports Lab was designed by the Hunt family to educate the youth of Kansas City about staying healthy, making good nutritional choices and understanding the importance of being active for 60 minutes a day.

“When the Hunt family was going over renovations of Arrowhead Stadium, one of the things that was really important to them was to come up with a place that would give back to the Kansas City community and that’s what the Chiefs Sports Lab powered by Blue KC is,” Chuck Castellano, Chiefs Community Relations Manager commented.

When the students enter the lab, they watch a video on the importance of being healthy, staying active and also learn about the Chiefs history.

“The video is educational and it talks about health and fitness and then explains the Chiefs history,” Banks mentioned.

After the video, the students then enter the Sports Lab and participate in educational and fun activities.

“While in the Sports Lab they can go under a huge Chiefs helmet and participate in mental games, such as memory and reaction time,” Lutz said. “We also have a huge digestive system that shows kids how things move through their body. There’s a finding-balance station, as well where they can balance their food and their activities to make sure they’re getting it right and staying healthy. Blue KC also put in a two-minute drill, which is a great game on an iPad, where they answer questions about health and fitness.”

The students spend about an hour in the Sports Lab before taking a tour of the stadium, visiting the Chiefs Hall of Honor, the locker room and walk through the tunnel just like the players do on game day.

“For some of my kids, they have never even been to a stadium of any kind, so that in itself is really exciting and they are just thrilled,” Weeks noted. “Field trips are supposed to be interesting, fun, exciting and educational and that’s exactly what the Sports Lab offers.”

If interested in visiting the Sports Lab, more information can be found at

“It is five dollars per child with one-free adult for every ten kids for the full-two hours,” Lutz said. “It is actually the cheapest field trip in Kansas City and after the tour all participants receive a 30-page ‘Playbook for Life,’ which reinforces the lessons learned at the Sports Lab.”

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