Five Things to Know About Efe Obada

Posted Mar 14, 2016

Get to know the Chiefs newest linebacker

The Kansas City Chiefs have been active during the start of free agency and set their sights on the 6-foot-6, 255-pound former Dallas Cowboys linebacker, Efe Obada, who had an unusual journey to the NFL.

Here are five things to know about Obada:

1. Obada watched his first NFL game in 2013

Obada watched his very first NFL game less than three years ago. He wasn’t much of a sports fan growing up in London.

“I didn’t really know anything about American football but I was told I had the physique and that I should try it. I fell in love with the sport,” he said via NFL UK.

 2. Obada didn’t began playing football until 2014

Obada did not attend college, however, his first introduction into the game of football came when a friend approached him to try out for a local club team: the London Warriors.

Playing tight end and defensive end in the final five Warriors games of the season, he helped the team to a national championship.

 3. Life before football

Prior to his newfound love of football, Obada worked a 9-to-5 job as a security guard and warehouse store man in Welwyn, Garden City.  Starting shifts at 6 a.m., he began and playing for the London Warriors in his spare time.

“That job was horrible. It was strictly 9-to-5, it was soul-destroying, it doesn’t really fulfill anything,” he said. “It was just another job, really – just to survive and pay the bills.”

 4. Obada makes history

Obada is the first British signing to have never played professional or a college level sport to be signed by a league.

After his five-game stint with the London Warriors, he was given the chance to work out with the Dallas Cowboys before their game in London in 2014 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Aden Durde, then an intern for the Dallas Cowboys and the Warriors defensive coordinator, recommended him.

Obada signed as an undrafted free agent with the Dallas Cowboys on April 1, 2015.

 5. Obada and his sister were abandoned and left homeless at the age of 10.

Obada was trafficked as a child from the Netherlands to London, where he and his sister were abandoned and eventually entered into social services.

“We were home-hopping and living with strangers,” Obada told NFL UK. “When you haven’t got stability, you don’t trust people. You develop trust issues. It’s not a nice feeling to not be wanted and to not have that security and stability.”

After joining the capital’s gang culture, and seeing multiple friends murdered on the streets of London, Obada decided to turn his life around and follow the path of football.

 “I decided to fix myself up. I found American football, found the London Warriors and they helped me to focus and turn my life around,” Obada said.

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