From Colgate to Kansas City, RB Eachus hopes to keep running

Posted Jun 28, 2012

Former Patriot League Offensive Player of the Year Nate Eachus looks to keep pro dreams running in Kansas City

#45 Nate Eachus — Running Back — Colgate


Eachus (5-10, 212 lbs.) started 28 games at Colgate. Over his four years as a Raider, he rushed 838 times for 4,485 yards (5.4 average) with 53 rushing touchdowns—both of which rank third all-time at Colgate. He also snagged 40 career receptions for 395 yards (9.9 average) and two more scores. Despite playing in only six games in 2011, he was named Patriot League Offensive Player of the Year.

Must-See Statistic:

During his junior season, Eachus found the end zone 22 times. More impressively, he scored an average of 12 points per game. No other player in college football averaged a higher scoring total in 2010.

Chiefs Nation Should Know:

The scouts that showed up in Hamilton, NY all agreed that Nate Eachus was the best prospect at his pro day. He had the build, quickness, and character that all NFL teams looked for in college players.

Eachus was the best in show that day at Andy Kerr Stadium, but he was also the only one auditioning. On March 19th, the senior running back tried out as the sole prospect from Colgate University, a private school of only 2,800.

The Raiders will never be confused with the Crimson Tide, the Fighting Irish, or any of college football's famous programs. And unlike college prospects from those schools, Eachus faced no competition for attention as he tried out for pro scouts.

His biggest problem that day was finding someone to play quarterback for receiving drills and handoffs.

"I had to scramble to find someone because a lot of my teammates weren’t around,” Eachus said. “I ended up using Steve Rizzo, our quarterback who graduated last year, so I'm glad it worked out."

Eachus' unexciting pro day came at the end of a record-breaking career at Colgate. The Pennsylvania native was an FCS (formerly Division I-AA) Consensus First Team All American in 2010 that finished his career in 2011 as the third-leading rusher in school history.

Those stats--4,485 career rushing yards and 53 career touchdowns--looked good enough for the Chiefs, who signed Eachus as a rookie free agent on April 28th.

"They had scouts there (at the pro day)," said Eachus. "They asked me all kinds of questions, like if I could catch out of the backfield, pass protect, or play special teams."

Going from the crux of the Raider offense to a special teams contributor isn't an easy career change, but Eachus answered of those three questions with a resounding yes. Eachus’ versatility and willingness to play special teams will be key to earning a potential roster spot this season.

The NFL doesn’t scout Colgate often, so Eachus said he’s trying to make the most of his opportunity.

“I’m just happy that I’ve made it to this point,” said Eachus. “It means a lot to the people back home, and it means a lot to everyone from Colgate.”

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