Gibbs Seeking No Personal Accolades for Defensive Coordinating Duties

Posted Nov 14, 2012

Perspective is key. Gary Gibbs paced the sideline of Heinz Field Monday night wearing a new hat as he was placed in charge of defensive coordinating duties. The responsibility was nothing new for Gibbs, who served in the same position with the New Orleans Saints (2006-2008).

Regardless of the team and location, the task remains the same; improve the quality of play - which is what Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel is entrusting Gibbs to do. "We have continually looked at things and evaluated things in trying to turn over every stone that we can to try to find a way to improve the team… I’ve decided that I’m going to spend more time with the whole team and less time with the defense and see if that can make any difference to our team. In the meantime, Gary Gibbs will take over the responsibility for being the defensive coordinator and he’ll run the defense,” noted Crennel.

And so the stage was set. What better way for coach Gibbs to make a name for himself than by leading the Chiefs defense into Pittsburgh, stopping the 5-3 Steelers, helping to end a five-game losing streak and doing so on the national stage that is Monday Night Football, and under the pouring rain?

Not a bad idea if Gibbs was into self-promotion. “This isn’t about me,” said Gibbs last week. “This isn’t about the position I’m quote holding right now. This is about all of us. We’ve got a good defensive staff. We work well together. Everybody has input. We put the plan together and that’s their (team’s) focus,” continued Gibbs. “This isn’t about any individual. This is about our defense trying to play better than we have the last couple weeks, and our players and coaches alike know that we’ve got a big challenge.”

Despite the tough 16-13 loss in overtime on Monday night, improvements were noticed. “We’re disappointed about the final result of the game, but I really felt our team played a much more competitive game overall than we have been playing, so we’re pleased with that and the fact that we were in the game the whole way, had some opportunities to be able to win the game,” said Crennel. “Let’s continue to do that, particularly this Sunday at Arrowhead. We need to show that same kind of effort at Arrowhead.”

Kickoff for the Bengals-Chiefs game is set for high noon (CST).

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