Helmet 2 Helmet - Checking Back In

Posted Aug 9, 2013

Our military member's perspective on the first part of summer.

Helmet 2 Helmet – Checking Back In

                Let me begin by saying that I am sorry for the long period between this and my last article. Since then, I have learned that the period between OTAs and the start of Training Camp looks like a quiet time on the outside, but from the inside it is a time of preparation.

                In many ways this preparation has reminded me of getting ready for an overseas deployment. The most obvious similarity is that the bulk of the organization has moved itself and its operations to a remote location. Now, St. Joe is not as remote as Iraq or Afghanistan or any number of places service members are called to go to, it still takes a Herculean effort to move all the equipment and infrastructure and get it ready for operations. From computer networks boxes of shoes for each player, it all had to be put in place prior to the players getting on the field to prep for the new season.

                Amongst all the chaos of the prep to move, the players, coaches and staff all maximize their time with families as well. For them these were the last weeks they will get weekends with families. From Training Camp until the end of the season football is a seven day a week job. For me, I finally got to move my family to KC from Fort Bragg, NC.

                For the front office, the planning for the season hit full stride. The level of effort everyone has and is putting in to ensure the game day experience is the best in the league approaches that of the players at camp. I have been able to be a part of the planning and am excited to see it all in action. Although I am not at liberty to let all that we have planned out of the bag, we have a number of new things planned in and above Arrowhead.

                Now that we are half way through Training Camp and the pace of football is picking up, I give you my word that I will not let as much time pass between my future efforts to get Helmet to Helmet. Next time: My perspectives from Training Camp.

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