Hunt: "I Want To Thank Our Fans..."

Posted Jul 26, 2011

Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt says the Chiefs will reach out with humility to the fans following the NFL Lockout

“I want to thank our fans for the patience that they demonstrated throughout the process.”

Those are the words of Chiefs Chairman  and CEO Clark Hunt Tuesday afternoon, and in a day filled with questions about free agency and the team’s plans of attack, Chiefs fans were still on the minds of Hunt, Chiefs President Mark Donovan and GM Scott Pioli.

“I think both sides understand that we have a little bit of a job to do with the fans. They’ve been subjected to the business of football over the last four and a half months as opposed to the sport of football and even though some of them may have enjoyed following the negotiations, I think they much more enjoy following the building of football teams and the playing of games,” said Hunt.

“I just think it’s important that we both reach out with humility to the fans, thank them for their patience, and take the extra time; whether it’s at training camp signing autographs or whatever we can do to show the fans we appreciate them.”

Earlier in the day, Pioli and Donovan, along with Head Coach Todd Haley, met with reporters and provided some details of how they plan to repay their fans for the frustration the lockout caused.

Beginning with training camp, Donovan said the team plans to keep as many practices open to the public as they can, as well as hosting a special night practice for season ticket holders and the annual Family Fun Day on August 6th.

Hunt does realize that the lockout has been a turnoff to fans, but is optimistic that salvaging the season without missing any games will help bring them back on board.

“We’ve been successful with our season ticket sales, both on a renewal basis and also new season tickets, but certainly I’d have to think this process was a turnoff to fans to some degree,” he said. “I’m hopeful that since we were able to preserve the entire season, including the preseason and including training camp, and having the opportunity for our fans to come up and see us in St. Joe at training camp, that we’ll be able to build that bridge quickly.”

With the free agent frenzy kicking into high-gear Tuesday morning, there is sure to be a lot of excitement around the Chiefs in the coming weeks and considering the 40-plus roster spots that still need to be filled to complete the 90-man training camp roster, there is a lot of positive news for Chiefs fans to look forward to.

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