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Posted Mar 31, 2010

The schedule makers put together a solid preseason slate for the Chiefs

The Chiefs 2010 preseason schedule is out…and it looks good.

Game #1 – at Atlanta

Game #2 – at Tampa Bay

Game #3 – vs. Philadelphia

Game #4 – vs. Green Bay

Could the schedule-makers have been any more kind to Chiefs fans? Both home dates this year display marquee NFC opponents in Philadelphia and Green Bay. The Packers are always a nice draw and rarely visit Arrowhead (only once since 1996) and the Eagles will represent the foe for that ever-important third exhibition contest. That’s the exhibition game in which coaching staffs typically scheme opponents and keep the starters in for a prolonged period of time.

With The New Arrowhead making its debut this preseason, the fact that the first peek will occur vs. Philadelphia, on the third preseason date, only enhances the atmosphere. Whether or not the Eagles quarterback drama is settled by that date remains to be seen.

So, you’ve seen the preseason schedule and let it digest. The first question to follow naturally becomes, what about the Governor’s Cup against the Rams?

What about it?

The Governor’s Cup, Missouri’s annual battle for intrastate bragging rights, will still happen in 2010. Although the regular season schedule won’t be set for another week or two, we do know the opponents and St. Louis is one of those scheduled for the Chiefs to play in 2010 (in St. Louis).

With teams free to schedule their own preseason finale, logic alone would tell us that neither the Chiefs nor the Rams would be thrilled about playing against one another this preseason. Why spend an exhibition game showing a regular season opponent personnel groupings and offensive/defensive packages?

To go even further, if the Chiefs and Rams were to play each other, the game would have likely been scheduled for the third preseason date. With the Royals home schedule dictating that the Chiefs spend the first two preseason games on the road, the Chiefs inking the Packers for the preseason finale and the Rams hosting last year’s game, it’s easy to see why a crash course with the Rams might have happened on that third preseason date.

Not only would a home date with the Rams irritate a Chiefs fan base with two of the season's games pitting St. Louis as an opponent (this happened in 2006), but it would have also been even more frustrating for the Chiefs coaching staff. Once again, the third preseason game is historically the contest where the starters play the most and game schemes are implemented the fullest.

Thankfully, none of that happened.

The Chiefs don’t have two dates against the Rams, a marquee opponent opens the New Arrowhead and the Governor’s Cup lives on for all those who love to carry on the banter with our awkward brother to the east. This preseason schedule is a winner.

Note: Official times and dates for the preseason schedule will be announced as soon as they are finalized. It is likely, however, that the preseason finale against Green Bay will occur on Thursday, September 2nd.

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