Insider Blog: Haley Rewards Chiefs

Posted Jun 15, 2010

Hard work leads to an early dismissal from the 2010 off-season program

Sunday, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley cut the final practice of a three-day mini-camp short by about a half hour. He was pleased with not only the overall performance of his squad over a seven day period that saw eight practice sessions, but also with Kansas City’s 2010 off-season program as a whole. Training in the form of the strength and conditioning program originally began on March 29th.

“I cut it short because of the progress we made this weekend, the fact that some of it was going to be review and as much as these guys have put in here over the last few months, I thought it was worth giving something back to them which I think they appreciated, at least from what I could tell,” Haley said.

On Monday, OTA #13 was originally scheduled to be held at the Chiefs Training Facility. Rather than bring the players back for a ninth practice in eight days, Haley re-scheduled his squad for an appearance at the Chiefs Ambassadors (alumni) Golf Tournament. Due to heavy rains the night before, that event ended up being postponed.

Now, Tuesday rolls along and Kansas City is scheduled to hit the field for the final day of on-field work before heading to training camp on July 29th. The players reported to the building willing and ready to work. They went through their morning strength and conditioning drills, but then received another pleasant surprise.

Haley cancelled the final OTA session of 2010.

Hard work makes good things happen - not only on game days, but at the discretion of the head coach in the off-season program as well. All of the positives that we’ve heard from the players and coaching staff this off-season has come full-circle these past three days. Haley saw a team focused on meeting its goals both on and off the field, so he rewarded them with an early dismissal.

For the veterans, they are now off until training camp begins. Some of the players who live in Kansas City will continue to come into the building for workouts and film study, but the next six weeks are a time to refresh before the real grind begins. Of course, each player will be required to stay in shape as a grueling conditioning test awaits them upon arrival in St. Joseph.

For the rookies, a formal off-season program continues for the next several weeks. The rookie class started off the spring behind in workouts and this is a time for them to both catch up to the veterans and further prepare for what will be their first NFL training camp.

“The next step for us in the next 45 days or so is that they continue to make progress and don’t go backwards,” Haley said. “The next thing in line will be training camp.”

The first formal practice in St. Joseph is schedule for Friday, July 30th.

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