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Posted Mar 12, 2010

C Casey Wiegmann returns to Kansas City

Remember when Casey Wiegmann walked out of the Chiefs locker room at the end of the 2007 season? The usually silent Chiefs center talked with a drove of reporters outside his locker, only to exit shortly afterward. He knew that day was the day to give the Kansas City media a rare Wiegmann sound bite. It was his way of saying goodbye.

Two years later, it turns out that Wiegmann’s goodbye was premature. He’s back.

That blue-collar attitude is back to compete for a spot along the Chiefs offensive front in 2010. Wiegmann rejoined the Chiefs Friday evening after a two-year stint in Denver. Ironically, his competition this spring and summer is currently the man that he once groomed to replace him – Rudy Niswanger (no wonder Niswanger was the only player to start all 16 games amongst the Chiefs offensive linemen in 2010).

Known for his tireless work ethic, relentless attitude and iron man consecutive snaps streak, Wiegmann started 111 consecutive regular season games at center for the Chiefs from 2001-2007. His consistency and durability was only matched by his high level of play as the signal caller of the Kansas City offensive front. It comes as no surprise that Wiegmann started all 32 games during his two-year stay in Denver, never missing a snap.

In fact, dating back to 2001, Wiegmann has taken a remarkable 9,078 consecutive snaps at center for the Chiefs and Broncos, by far the longest current streak by an offensive lineman in the NFL. He’s also started 143 consecutive games, which is the longest streak of any active lineman.

Wiegmann earned six consecutive berths on USA Today’s All-Joe Team for his blue-collar approach and his durability during his time in Kansas City (2002-07). The All-Joe Team takes its name from former Chiefs DT Joe Phillips who played 14 seasons for Kansas City, San Diego and Minnesota before retiring in ‘99. According to USA Today’s Larry Weisman, the All-Joe Team is represented by “hard-working, overlooked, underappreciated player(s) who do the dirty work simply because that’s (their) lot in life.”

Wiegmann was selected to his only Pro Bowl with Denver in 2008. News of his signing marks the fifth addition that the Chiefs have made via free agency in as many days.

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