Insider Blog: Monday's OTA Report

Posted May 24, 2010

The Chiefs once again had a packed house as 85 players battled the heat and humidity

Monday finally felt like training camp, minus the shoulder pads.

Todd Haley had the Chiefs outdoors this afternoon for the fourth of 14 scheduled OTA sessions smack in the middle of heat and humidity that will accompany life in St. Joseph just over two months from now. It was the first day of 2010 in which the Kansas City barometer has touched 90 degrees.

“The weather was probably a little more like it is going to be at training camp this year so it was good for the team to kind of feel that,” head coach Todd Haley said. “It took them a little while to get moving but overall I thought it was another good, productive day for us.”

The heat did seem to play a factor as Kansas City’s offense started the practice with sluggish pace of play. The group had to re-break out of its huddle prior to the first play of team passing period and the defense took advantage of the first few rounds of snaps, forcing both coverage sacks and throwaways.

As the day went on, Kansas City’s offense adapted and became competitive with the defense in team drills. Despite the less than impressive offensive start, the Chiefs finished strong as a unit, which points to the improved conditioning that Haley has talked about so much this off-season.

As for attendance, once again it was a packed house at the Chiefs Training Facility. All 85 players under contract were outdoors today. The lone Chief missing from action was S Jarrad Page. Page has yet to sign his restricted free agent tender offer.

Here are some other notes from Monday’s OTA (the Chiefs are schedule for two more sessions this week, with the next open practice being held on Thursday).

Players Held Out of Practice (Rehab/Conditioning Zone)

WR Quinten Lawrence

WR Lance Long

CB Brandon Flowers

RB Jamaal Charles

TE Tony Moeaki

TE Brad Cottam

WR David Grimes

The cast of rehab zone players consisted of the same crew as last Wednesday’s OTA.

Personnel Tidbits

There was finally a change to the starting lineup, regarding either side of the football. For the first time during OTAs, a rookie began team drills with the first-team offense/defense. The rookie pioneer was likely exactly who you’d think would conquer the rookie barrier first…Eric Berry replaced Reshard Langford as Kansas City’s first-team safety (alongside Jon McGraw) on Monday.

As he’s stated throughout OTAs, Haley continued to caution about reading too much into spring depth charts.

“I wouldn’t put too much stake at where guys are right now and that goes for everyone across the board,” Haley said. “We are really in the feeling out process. Some of it has to do with trying to get guys more reps and for others, it has to do with the reward of good weeks and bad weeks. I think that we just want to put players in different positions and see how they respond.”

Also, as long as we’re focused on the comings and goings of the defensive backfield, Donald Washington continues to rep at safety. Originally drafted as a cornerback, Washington ended 2009 with practice reps at the safety position. Washington stands at 6’1, 197.

Master Joe

There was a new face instructing members of the defensive line this morning. No, the Chiefs haven’t hired a new coach on staff, but they have turned to a specialist with hopes of improving hand speed, placement and quickness during battles at the point of contact.

GrandMaster Joseph E. Kim has been working with the Chiefs defensive linemen for the past couple of months on their hand game, but he made his practice field debut on Monday.

Read more about GrandMaster Kim in tomorrow’s Insider Blog.

Castille Doing Work

The emails keep flowing in and everyone seems to want to know one thing: Who is looking the best in OTAs?

Unfortunately, that question is a near impossible one to answer at this time of year as none of the drills in which the Chiefs conduct include contact. It’s also impossible to know what technique each player is being taught and trying to perfect. With that said, players do still appear to make plays and if an MVP had to be named after each OTA, RB Tim Castille was the runaway winner on Monday.

Even though the running backs rotate practice repetitions, it almost seemed as if Castille never left the field. Every time you looked up, it was #46 with the football in his hands one way or another. Castille logged several long runs and also broke a nicely executed screen pass past the secondary.

Chris Chambers also had a nice day, particularly with reeling in multiple “out” routes between six and 12 yards.

Succop Good From 65

The Chiefs rookie of the year continues to turn heads. Today, Succop connected from 65 yards out. Granted, his kick was aided by wind and was conducted “on air” without a rush, 65 yards is still 65 yards. His previous kick was good from 60 and Succop didn’t appear to miss any of his kicks during work this afternoon.

“No Comment”

Publically, Chiefs players aren’t speaking about the recent comments made by WR Dwayne Bowe to ESPN The Magazine. Teammates Tyson Jackson, Jamaal Charles and Derrick Johnson all pleaded the fifth inside the locker room today when asked about their reaction to Bowe’s comments.

“No Comment” was the word of the wise.

Bowe’s head coach, however, did offer a small window of insight on the situation.

“Dwayne and I did have a long conversation and really from this point on, I will leave it at that,” Haley said. “It was discussed and handled internally and we are moving forward. We are worrying about the progress we are making as a team as we go forward and that is really what’s important to me right now. As far as what was talked about, again, I will stay at that statement, it is something that went on while I was offensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals so I am worrying about my own house.”

Bowe was at practice today, but was unavailable for interviews.

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