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Posted Apr 20, 2010

Highly classified NFL information will be released to the public on Tuesday evening

Google “Nuclear Football” and see what comes up. The results won’t churn out information relative to the game that we all love (Wikipedia: Nuclear Football). When it comes to trying to break into information pertaining to the release of the NFL Schedule, “Nuclear Football” definitely seems to be just as good of a description as any.

To say that the information is kept under wraps is an understatement. The reality is that few outside of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s inner-circle know the dates and times for this football season ahead of time. Goodell’s top assistants may not be carrying around black briefcases stuffed with future schedules inside, but the info is certainly distributed exclusively on a need-to-know basis.

The good news is that today is finally the day that the code is cracked, or at least made public.

Outside of draft and free agency inquiries, I’ve been asked two questions, countless times, by Chiefs fans over the past few weeks:

1) When is the schedule coming out?

2) Will primetime football return to Kansas City in 2010?

Up until last week the simple answer to both of those questions has been, “I honestly don’t know.”

One week ago, my money (along with most of the rest of the football-watching world) was that the schedule would be unveiled on the evening of Tuesday, April 13th. That day came and went with no schedule, which of course disappointed a number of fans. However, on the following day we did get an answer to frequently asked question number one when the NFL sent out a press release indicating that Tuesday, April 20th would be the big day.

As for the second of the two questions, all we can do is look at the precedents set by the NFL office. When looking at teams in similar situations to that of Kansas City, the common set of circumstances to focus on revolves around the debut of either a new or completely renovated home stadium. In the Chiefs case, this is obviously the grand opening of The New Arrowhead in 2010.

NFL schedulers have historically been generous in sharing the national spotlight with franchise’s unveiling a new or renovated stadium. Since 2000, 14 teams have opened a new or renovated stadium across the country. Ten of those 14 teams went on to debut their stadiums in a prime time national television slot during their first or second home contest.

The history of new/renovated stadiums in the NFL has typically translated into a prime time football showcase in year one. If selected in 2010, we all know that Chiefs fans and The New Arrowhead will make both Kansas City and the National Football League proud.

We’ll see what’s in store this evening.

Here’s how the info is scheduled to come down.

1) As of right now (6:09 AM CST) we are in the dark as to the dates/times that await the Chiefs regular season schedule.

2) A few hours before public release, the NFL Broadcasting Department will notify a member of each club’s management team with their respective 2010 regular season schedule. Assuming that none of the 32 clubs leak their info (it’s uncommon, but has happened before...not in Kansas City) that info will be processed for release, but held until at least 6:00 PM CST.

3) At 6:00 PM CST, the NFL Network will begin a special programming feature to unveil the week-by-week regular season schedule.

4) If you don’t get the NFL Network or simply want to skip through the info of all of the 256 scheduled games and focus solely on the 16 that matters most to you, we’re schedule to post the Chiefs 2010 regular season schedule within minutes of 6:00 PM CST right here on

5) Our coverage of the Chiefs schedule release won’t simply be a blurb with dates and times either. We’ll have relevant videos, blogs, history and more.

The final of our two frequently asked questions (and many more) will officially be answered when the 2010 NFL regular-season schedule is released tonight in prime time.

As for the rest of the inquiries, it’s an epic week of answers. Following the release of the regular season schedule we’ll be just about 48 hours away from finding out who the Chiefs are selecting at number five overall in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Yes, an epic off-season week indeed. It all begins later today.

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