Insider Blog: Three Sign Tenders

Posted Apr 15, 2010

Croyle, Niswanger and O'Callaghan all ink

Three of the five Chiefs with unsigned tender offers inked their papers today. The three to make their tenders official this afternoon were QB Brodie Croyle, C Rudy Niswanger and T Ryan O’Callaghan. Today (April 15th) marked the NFL's deadline in which restricted free agents were permitted to sign with a new team.

Two Chiefs restricted free agents remain unsigned: LB Corey Mays and S Jarrad Page.

Unsigned tenders are not uncommon at this time of year. As of the beginning of this week, more than half the league’s restricted free agents have yet to sign their tenders. Post-April 15th, RFA’s become the sole property of their teams. Going forward, the only way for RFA’s to leave their old team is via trade.

Page, who remains unsigned, was the final of the Chiefs RFA’s to sign his tender a year ago. Page inked those papers on May 29th.

For those a bit confused with the RFA process, the next deadline to pay attention to is June 15th. RFA’s who don’t sign their tender by June 15th could see their 2010 salary reduced from their tendered amount to 110 percent of their 2009 salary. The June 15th deadline also means that RFA’s could skip most of the off-season program without facing penalty.

Croyle, Niswanger and O’Callaghan were all reportedly tendered at the second-round level.

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