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Posted Jun 23, 2010

The Chiefs have yet to sign any member from the 2010 Draft Class, but they're not alone either

The Chiefs are one of 12 NFL teams yet to sign a single 2010 draft pick. As a result, many of you have been asking what the hold-up is all about.

The question is fair. We’re simply not used to having to wait this long for at least one of our draft picks to sign his contract. In fact, you’d have to go back to the 2006 off-season in order to find the last instance that at least one Chiefs draft choice hadn’t been signed by June 23rd. The first picks to sign that season were WR Jeff Webb, CB Marcus Maxey and G Tre Stallings – all on July 20th. In a somewhat interesting feat, none of the Chiefs seven draft picks were late to camp that year despite the late activity.

How does Kansas City’s 2010 draft class compare to signing dates from rookie classes spreading over the past decade? The first signee out of the past 10 draft classes inked their contract on the following respective dates…

2010 Class - ????

2009 Class - June 18, 2009 – K Ryan Succop (7th rounder)

2008 Class - June 11, 2008 – CB Brandon Carr (5th rounder)

2007 Class - June 1, 2007 – TE Michael Allan (7th rounder)

2006 Class - July 20, 2006 – Maxey (5th rounder), Stallings (6th rounder), Webb (6th rounder)

2005 Class - July 1, 2005 – T Jeremy Parquet (7th rounder)

2004 Class - June 16, 2004 – T Kevin Sampson (7th rounder)

2003 Class - May 12, 2003 – CB Julian Battle (3rd rounder) and S Willie Pile (7th rounder)

2002 Class - June 4, 2002 – DT Eddie Freeman (2nd rounder)

2001 Class - May 23, 2001 – DT Eric Downing (3rd rounder)

2000 Class - June 6, 2000 – S Greg Wesley (3rd rounder)

When scanning across team-by-team signings across the league, an all-or-nothing scenario is in place for most teams at the moment. While 12 teams remain without signees, the Philadelphia Eagles have inked 10 of their 13 2010 draft picks. Pittsburgh has 8 of their 10 picks under contract and Carolina has 7 of 10. The Bears are the only club to have all of their picks from 2010 signed (five players in total) and nine teams including the aforementioned have at least five draftees under contract.  

With news of rookie signings from around the league churning out news each day, we’re likely to see one of the Chiefs later-round picks ink their initial NFL contract sooner rather than later. Fifth-round pick Kendrick Lewis would be a prime candidate to lead the Chiefs rookie signings since both players sandwiching him in the draft are already under contract. It also doesn’t hurt that both of those players are defensive backs.


135. Atlanta Falcons – CB Dominique Franks (Oklahoma); 4-years, financial terms undisclosed.
136. Kansas City Chiefs – S Kendrick Lewis (Ole Miss); ?????
137. Denver Broncos - CB Perrish Cox (Oklahoma State); - 4-years, $1.991M

Lewis is the only Chiefs selection that currently sees each pick surrounding him already under contract.

As for players in the first two rounds, the league generally won’t see a run on these players until mid-July. Part of that is due to the fact that many front office members across the league are on vacation right now, no doubt with cell phones and laptops nearby, but another reason for delays involving high picks will likely be the uncertainty surrounding the NFL’s labor negotiations.

Currently 92 of the 255 draftees are under contract, however, none include any of the top 66 picks. Going a bit further, only 10 of the first 98 picks off the board this past April have rookie deals in place.

The waiting game continues, as it often times does this time of year, but the Chiefs aren’t aboard a solitary boat. As we discussed last week, the Chiefs roster is currently set up in a way conducive to signing draft picks.

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