Insider Blog: Warner Brings Chiefs Message

Posted Jun 3, 2010

Kurt Warner's question to the Chiefs: Do you want to be great?

You’ve probably heard by now that future Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner was inside the Chiefs closed-door OTA session on Wednesday afternoon. No, there’s no conspiracy theory to hide Warner from the media for a workout or possible coaching job; Kurt was just in town visiting his good friend Todd Haley.

“Strictly an old friend,” Haley said. “Our families kind of became close over our time in Arizona and I’ve asked him multiple times and let him know our training camp dates and off-season dates and said if he could fit us into his busy schedule, meaning us the Haley's, that’d be great.”

Warner is currently on vacation with his family, taking a caravan trip across the country. Although he tweeted yesterday that he’s happily retired, football is obviously still part of his life if he’s working the sport into his family vacations.

Like our own Trent Green, Warner also has post-football broadcasting aspirations as he made his television commentary debut in the booth with the Iowa Barnstormers (yes, his old Arena League team) on May 21st. He’s also getting good reviews from his short address to the Chiefs following Wednesday’s OTA.

“I’m telling you Kurt Warner is as good as they come,” Haley said. “I’m not trying to embarrass him but this is a special, special human being and I think he’s been pretty well-represented. He’s the type of person that when you’re around, and I said this to a bunch of guys yesterday, he makes you a little better person and makes you a little more accountable for yourself.”

Warner’s message to the team was simple; it dealt with greatness.

“Kurt came out yesterday and talked to us; it was a great speech about do you want to be great or do you want to just play this game as long as you can?,” WR Jerheme Urban said. “I think Todd (Haley) expects everybody to be great, because he’s doing that as a coach and he’s trying to demand that of his players.”

Urban played alongside Warner for three seasons in Arizona and know first-hand exactly what Warner represents to his teammates.

“You knew what Kurt’s standard was,” Urban said. “He was trying to be great in the meeting room, weight room, locker room and on the field. He didn’t have to say much. He didn’t have to try to drag people along with him to his level, because if you weren’t there he wasn’t going to get you the ball. He expected people to match his intensity.”

Other current Chiefs who have played alongside Warner include TE Leonard Pope, QB Tyler Palko, RB Tim Castille, WR Lance Long, His message, however, reached a much wider range of Chiefs.

“He’s special and for him to come out and talk to these guys, I saw a lot of wide eyes and watching and paying attention for a lot of different reasons,” Haley said.

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