Posted May 1, 2010

“Whatever I am told to do is what I am going to do..."

Q: What has the last week been like for you?

JAVIER ARENAS: “A learning opportunity, a great experience and it has been fun for the most part.”

Q: You were a prolific returner at the collegiate level. How much of that do you put on your ability and how much do you put on the entire group of guys out there with you?

ARENAS: “I put it all on them. I can’t do it by myself. I am looking forward to coming in with another great group of guys and just competing and having fun each and every day.”

Q: How much different have special teams drills been here compared to what it was like in college?

ARENAS: “Special teams drills are special teams drills. I am just going to go out there and compete. If you work hard each and every time you are doing it, you don’t notice any difference.”

Q: A lot of rookies come in and try to make their initial impact on special teams. Do you focus on doing just that?

ARENAS: “Whatever I am told to do is what I am going to do. I am like a kid and when a parent tells a kid to do something, you are going to do it. I am ready to compete and do whatever I can to make the team better, and make the team at this point.”

Q: You excelled by playing close to the line of scrimmage and blitzing, where did you get that mentality from?

ARENAS: “I think it has a lot to do with me wanting to compete. I guess you can kind of say I am physical and it is just something I like to do. I like to make plays that way.”

Q: Coach Haley said you guys were behind the veterans in terms of conditioning. Did it seem that way to you?

ARENAS: “A lot of guys were wheezing and breathing, but we are just competing and having fun. That is football.”

Q: Do you feel like you need to do some work?

ARENAS: “Absolutely, most definitely. He was right and we all know that we need to come back in better shape and do what we need to do to be in top notch shape.”

Q: Are you nervous coming in here trying to prove yourself? Is it like going from high school to college?

ARENAS: “It is a lot different coming out of high school. It just depends on what type the person is, what type of character they have. That doesn’t make you a good or a bad person, just (is about) how you react to certain situations. Obviously everybody here has reacted positive because they are here. A lot of people react different for the most part. We are having fun and reacting well.”

Q: Is there one play or TD run from college that kind of defines you as a football player or shows your style as a football player?

ARENAS: “I don’t think I have a style. Whatever the return is, like I mentioned before, it is an 11-man team. There were not a lot of times where I did everything by myself. Each and every time I scored it was off of scheme and they were all fun. I can’t point out any particular one, it was all different and exciting.”

Q: Can you feel competition developing between you and WR Dexter McCluster already at the return spots? Any trash talking?

ARENAS: “No trash talk, but of course competition. You don’t come in here and expect to play, nobody does. Not just out of him (do I feel competition), everybody else who is back there trying to earn a spot.”

Q: Why was it important for you to be a leader at Alabama?

ARENAS: “During that time I was just being me. When I was playing good ball, hard ball with the rest of my teammates, I guess coach and the rest of my team saw that leadership within me. It wasn’t something I was going out trying to do, it was just who I am. I guess you could say it paid off somewhat.”

Q: What is it like to come in here and compete for a spot on this team?

ARENAS: “It is a fresh start. I did the same thing when I first got to ‘Bama, I had to compete for a spot. I felt comfortable doing that because I had a lot of great guys around me. Obviously it is the same thing here and that is football, competing. Like I said, as soon as I got there I knew how to compete and now I have to start all over.”

Q: Nick Saban is a guy who has coached in the NFL. How did he prepare you for what you are going through right now?

ARENAS: “For the most part, he prepared us great. It was huge to have him as a college coach and at the same time, when you get up here, it is more than just mental preparation, it is physical. You are playing grown men and you have to go out there and compete. The things that he taught us are vital but at the same time we have to do our own thing. We have to fight to survive.”

Q: Do you have any nerves thinking about how big these guys are and how experienced they are compared to you?

ARENAS: “No, the only nervousness I have is excitement, ready to make a play. Besides that, no.”

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