Posted May 2, 2010

“I’ve really been comfortable wherever I’ve been in college..."

Q: What were your thoughts coming into this particular program, given where they are on the offensive line?

JON ASAMOAH: “I was just excited to get the chance to play. I heard a lot of things about Kansas City. I’ve heard it’s a great place. I’m just here wanting to work. I just want to fit where I need to fit.”

Q: Do you know anything specifically about this offensive line?

ASAMOAH: “I did some research right when I got drafted. I looked at who was here. As we go on, I’ll find my role, I’ll just do whatever the coaches need and whatever I need to do to fit in, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Q: What’s your favorite position to play?

ASAMOAH: “I’ve really been comfortable wherever I’ve been in college. I moved around along the inside, so I feel comfortable wherever.”

Q: You’ve practiced at center. Would you feel comfortable if they moved you to center to play some games?

ASAMOAH: “They’ll get me ready, I know that.”

Q: How’s it going so far? Has anything surprised you in these three days?

ASAMOAH: “Just getting used to new coaches. You kind of get comfortable with the guys, even though I had three O-line coaches in four years, you get comfortable. Just getting used to the new coaches and getting that whole playbook thrown at you.”

Q: Has anything surprised you about the coaches?

ASAMOAH: “It’s the NFL; they demand you to get the job done.”

Q: You know where Coach (Bill) Muir stands at any point in time though, don’t you?

ASAMOAH: “Oh, he’s not afraid to let you know what he’s feeling.”

Q: From this weekend, has there been anything that you have noticed that maybe you still need to learn technique-wise?

ASAMOAH: “Just the simple fact that you run the same offense for four years at Illinois. I was in the book every night until I fell asleep. There’s a lot more to know at this level.”

Q: Do you think that playing at Illinois for Coach (Ron) Zook, who has NFL experience, is going to help you make that transition to this level?

ASAMOAH: “Coach Zook was a fiery, demanding guy. Coach (Haley) is fiery. I’m not going to crawl into my shell, I’m just going to get out there and work.”

Q: What do you feel is your greatest strength right now as a player, what do you do best?

ASAMOAH: “I love to be an aggressive guy, you know, come off the ball and just run and try to be powerful.”

Q: You talked about looking at the rosters right away. Were you looking at who the starters were, is that something that you’ve set your sights on?

ASAMOAH: “No, I was just kind of looking to see who was here, see the guys that I’m going to be working with and learning from.”

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