Josh Looney: A fond farewell and thank you to Chiefs fans

Posted Aug 30, 2012

Chiefs Insider Josh Looney bids farewell to Chiefs fans after seven seasons with the organization

Chiefs Fans:

Let’s get straight to the point. This is a farewell letter.

Yep, I’m leaving the Chiefs and moving to Indianapolis. No, I didn’t take a job with the Colts.

So many of you have told me I have the best job in the world. Admittedly, sometimes I’ve had to pinch myself. But it’s more than traveling to different NFL stadiums, working for my hometown team or being paid to cover the sport I love.

My time with the Chiefs has meant so much more to me.

I’ve been blessed during my career to meet not only some of the best people in sports, but some of the best people in life. Within six months of graduating college I was fortunate enough to work for both Orlando Magic Sr. Vice President Pat Williams (he drafted both Shaq and Charles Barkley) and sports pioneer Lamar Hunt.

Pat has become a mentor. Lamar helped shape my views on leadership.

I’ll never forget my first time meeting Lamar – it was at a joint practice with the Vikings in Mankato, Minnesota during training camp in 2006. I was a nervous seasonal employee…a very nervous seasonal employee.

Long story short, Lamar spent over an hour with me on the sideline watching practice. I tried to get away, thinking I’d overstayed my introduction, but he kept asking about my college football career, my family, my career goals…pretty much everything.

I was overwhelmed with Lamar’s genuine interest in a new employee who held such an entry-level job. Then, a month later, I was floored when came up to me during pre-game warm-ups at Arrowhead and followed-up on our training camp conversation.

I was the lowest man on the totem pole at the time. Lamar was one of the most respected entrepreneurs in American history. He cared.

This is how you run a business! I was at home.

Then I met so many of you as my role with the Chiefs expanded. I’ve had dinner with many fans and heard stories ranging from escaping a kidnapping attempt by the Cartel to purchasing season tickets back in 1963 – I can’t begin to put into words how appreciative I am of how many Chiefs fans I’ve been fortunate to enough meet and interact with on a daily basis.

This is why saying goodbye is so difficult (and why this letter is probably longer than it should be). But we all have long-term career goals and I’ve been offered an opportunity at the NCAA that is right for me, right for my family and right for all the grown-up decisions I’ve been able to avoid since entering the workforce.

From Carl Peterson actually opening, reading and responding to the letter that the random kid (me) sent seeking employment, to Bob Moore and his PR staff, Clark and Tavia Hunt, President Mark Donovan and Media & Marketing V.P. Rob Alberino – Thank you for helping me grow.

To Mitch Holthus, Lance Brown, Brad Young, Wil Blackwell, Adam Pelligrino, Jodain Massad, Kevin Brebner, Dana Witt and the entire 65TPT Crew – Thank you. You guys are amazing.

My last day with the Chiefs will be the home opener against Atlanta.

I’ll still be reachable on Twitter (@JoshLooney) and will be looking for any and all opportunities to watch Chiefs games with other displaced fans in Indianapolis. Seriously.

Thanks for reading, watching and following. The evolution of 65TPT is only beginning.


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