Posted May 2, 2010

“It’s been exciting. It’s been a wonderful feeling..."

Q: What’s this past week been like for you, being drafted, now completing rookie mini-camp here?

KENDRICK LEWIS: “It’s been exciting. It’s been a wonderful feeling. I’m happy to be here with the Chiefs and happy to be able to help this organization.”

Q: What’s your best attribute?

LEWIS: “I’m a smart player, a real physical player. I love to hit and I love to make plays on the ball.”

Q: What went into the slower 40 time at the combine, even though you may have posted better times at different spots? What happened with that?

LEWIS: “It was one of my bad days. I ran bad and I was able to get a second chance and run better at my pro day.”

Q: What do you think of the combine, is it a joke?

LEWIS: “It’s a wonderful feeling, you go out there and you meet guys, you meet new people, you get meet new coaches and meet with the different coaching staffs. It gives you a lot of things to work with as far as getting ready for the NFL.”

Q: Coming in, people considered you one of the top players at your position, but if you run poorly one day and that knocks you back in the draft, you can’t like that?

LEWIS: “It hurt me, but that’s life. You have to take things and run with them. That was a situation I was put in. I just have to move on from that situation and build from here. I’m here with the Kansas City Chiefs and I’m going to do my best here.”

Q: Are you starting to feel like a professional football player after these first couple of days?

LEWIS: “Yes sir. I’m getting the feeling that’s really hitting me that I’m in the NFL. I’m part of the Kansas City Chiefs. I see how the pace is going out there. I see how NFL teams practice now. I’m happy for it.”

Q: What’s your confidence level like coming into a situation like this, do you ask yourself if you can do this?

LEWIS: “It all boils back to football, it’s a game I’ve been playing since I was six-years old. It’s just an exciting feeling and when I get out on the field, it’s football and I love it and I have fun doing it.”

Q: People talk about the pace of the game being a lot quicker in the pros than it was in college. Can you tell that from a mini-camp in one weekend?

LEWIS: “No, sir. I can’t tell that because I’m a football player, I have football speed and football knowledge and I’m going to do my best at all cost.”

Q: What about when you get some of the veterans out here, will it be different then?

LEWIS: “It’ll be different. It’ll be competitive and I’m a full-time competitor. I look forward to it.”

Q: Are you and DB Eric (Berry) building a little bit of a bond because you guys play the same position and you’re coming in together?

LEWIS: “Yeah. At the combine we talked a lot and when we played against each other we talked a lot, so us being here together is really helping us bond and get together. Knowing that we’re going to be on the same side and playing with each other, so we’re building that relationship.”

Q: Are you comparing yourself to Eric (Berry) at all?

LEWIS: “No, I’m not so much comparing myself to anyone. I’m trying to do my best and be the best player that I can be. He’s a good player and I’m glad he’s on my team and we’ll be competing against other guys together.”

Q: You’ve got some familiar faces in here this week, guys that you played with and guys you played against. How much does that help you this week in this transition?

LEWIS: “It’s very good. Those guys who played in the SEC with me or against me, you know what type of talent they have and what kind of guys they are. They’re hard-working, talented guys, so it’s a wonderful feeling.”

Q: During the combine interview process, you recall any teams asking you any strange or inappropriate questions?

LEWIS: “No, sir. I didn’t get any weird questions. I heard other guys got weird questions but I wasn’t one of those people who experienced that.”

Q: What did you hear that they were asked?

LEWIS: “I heard on SportsCenter about Dez Bryant, that’s the only thing that I heard about.”

Q: What would you have done if somebody asked you that question?

LEWIS: “I can’t tell you, I wasn’t in that situation.”

Q: You said you’ve got to take things and run with it. Is that something you learned when you were in high school in New Orleans, with the hurricane ordeal?

LEWIS: “Yes sir. When I was in Katrina, I was faced with a bad situation. I had to move on, I couldn’t just stop there and give up everything that I worked so hard for. There’s adversity, so you have to overcome.”

Q: You lived in Algiers?

LEWIS: “Yeah, in Algiers, Louisiana.”

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