Kansas City Chiefs and Vogue Style Lounge

Posted Nov 20, 2012

Chiefs met chic at the first-ever Kansas City Chiefs and Vogue Style Lounge on Saturday evening. The NFL, Vogue and celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch traveled to Kansas City to feature football apparel as high end runway attire. (Photo Gallery)

The NFL has visited eight NFL markets to promote the Women’s Apparel Fit for You line and are showing each city that NFL clothing isn’t just for men anymore. Women are equally passionate NFL fans and the NFL wants to show that women can have their own unique NFL style on their own terms.

A-listers, such as celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch, Vogue Market Stylist Anne Vincent, designers Angelo Moda and Lena Ward were all in attendance. Over 300 guests gathered at the Aloft Hotel in Leawood, Kansas, which found its lobby area transformed into a fashion extravaganza.

“We’re very excited to be hosting the first-ever Chiefs Vogue Style Lounge,” Tavia Hunt commented. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to showcase amazing fashion forward couture merchandise for the female fan. There have always been products available for men, but for women, we were always wearing our husband’s jerseys and rolling up or cutting out the sleeves. We had limited options available, or it was all pink. The NFL has really caught the vision that over 40% of fans are woman and that demographic is growing.”

The event was aimed towards helping women see Chiefs licensed products in new and exciting ways. It raised awareness of the breadth and depth of Chiefs products, styling options, and wearing occasions.

“The sports and fashion partnership has been really fun for us,” Vincent said. “We’ve pulled all sorts of styles and looks, putting it all together with the Chiefs Fit for You clothing. It’s been really interesting and dynamic at the same time, putting together high fashion and sports clothing. But the Fit for You clothing lines are so well made and they look so fantastic that it wasn’t a difficult combination.”

Models wore leather pants with a Chiefs scarf, ball skirts with a Chiefs t-shirt or red pants with a fur vest and a Chiefs necklace. Nothing was off limits, Vincent and Bloch pushed the envelope to bring couture fashion to the sports world.

“We really got creative and the NFL has been really supportive of the movement,” Bloch said. “It’s not just a men’s sport, it’s not just clothes for men, it’s for everybody and a great way to show your personal style and have a good time mix and matching.”

Bloch was sure to mingle with guests and offer fashion advice for women to don their Chiefs gear proudly for any occasion.

“I think this an exciting thing to be a part of,” Bloch noted. “You want to support your team and wear your team’s shirt but now they fit women. They have great quality and you can dress them up or dress them down and it’s really about personal style.”

Tracey Bleczinski, Vice President of Consumer Products for the NFL was also there to promote the NFL clothing and offer an alternative way to wear Chiefs gear, beyond game day.

“This is about looking at these products with a different lens, you can wear these products to the gym, out with the girls, a PTA meeting, or with whatever you’re doing you can support your team,” Bleczinski commented. “The biggest thing that we hear is, ‘I never knew you could wear it that way.’ So it’s all about how you can style it and wear it…it’s been a great success.”

It was a success, women left the event with new merchandise and many new ideas on how to style their Chiefs gear for any occasion. The same merchandise that was featured at the event will be 25% off at the Chiefs Pro Shop on Sunday when the Chiefs take on the Denver Broncos.

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