Kevin Boss makes difference at Haitian orphanage

Posted Apr 9, 2012

Boss recently spent a week volunteering in Haiti with his good friend Denny Bain and Titans LB Tim Shaw

Just one week after signing a free agent deal with Kansas City, tight end Kevin Boss headed off to the remote village of Pignon, Haiti with a suitcase full of Chiefs gear. Extra pairs of cleats, tennis shoes, sandals and athletic gear also filled Boss’ bags.

Boss’ trip was inspired by his good friends Denny and Abby Bain, founders of the non-profit organization Titans LB Tim Shaw joined Boss on the visit as well.

The island nation of Haiti suffered a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 M earthquake in January of 2010 with an epicenter hitting 16 miles west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. The quake claimed an estimated 300,000 lives with thousands more dying from disease in the months following the disaster.

More than two years after the earthquake Haiti continues a slow and painful recovery.

Nearly one million Haitian orphans were left among devastating damage, dilapidated buildings and loss of power and running water. It was a visit to a Haitian orphanage in March of 2011 that inspired Denny and Abby Bain to start

“Loving Haiti supports an orphanage, church, sewing center and school in Haiti,” Denny explains on the non-profit website.

“It’s actually educating the orphans plus another 250 very poor kids in a tiny schoolhouse,” adds Abby.

“Then there is a church that meets the needs as well as it can for community members that don’t have meals for the day or a place to stay. The sewing center supports teenage girls who never got to go to school and who don’t have a job. So instead of getting into prostitution or slavery, they get to learn a trade and feel empowered to make clothes and sell their clothes to make money for their families.”

While in Haiti, Boss worked at a feeding clinic, painted the orphanage and built furniture for the children. He and Shaw also played soccer and sang with the local children, handed out as much clothing and athletic equipment as they could carry and performed other maintenance jobs around the orphanage and church

Boss and Shaw combined to bring more than 100 pairs of tennis shoes with them to Haiti and introduced many of the children to American football for the first time. They joined Denny in Haiti from March 23rd – April 1st.

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Photos of Boss’ trip courtesy of Denny Bain

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