Kickoff to the 2014 NFL Owners Meetings

Posted Mar 23, 2014

NFL owners meet in Orlando, Florida with lots to talk about

NFL owners are gathering in Orlando, Florida, for the league's annual meetings, which run through Wednesday. During the next few days, they'll review proposals by the league's competition committee; below is a brief look at three of the discussion topics, which were announced last week by the committee, via conference call.

1) Challenge-Flag Rule Change

This proposal includes allowing coaches to challenge any of the calls by the officials, except those that result in scores, which are already reviewed.

2) Replay-Review Communication

The league will consider allowing a referee to consult with the NFL officiating department in New York, while the reviews are taking place, allowing for improved accuracy on calls, as well as efficiency, because of a more-timely decision.

3) Adding Two More Teams to the Playoffs

While this topic won't be voted on this year, the thought of two additional teams in the league's postseason will indeed be a hot topic of discussion, during the owners' stay in Florida.

For a more extensive list of the rules, bylaws and proposals expected to be covered, click here.

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