Knile Davis Embraced Sunday's Workload

Posted Dec 31, 2013

Chiefs players describe the team's rookie RB

The Kansas City Chiefs return to practice, later this morning, following what was for some players a more physically demanding Sunday than others. After Sunday's game, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was asked if he viewed the Week 17 matchup against the Chargers as almost like a bye week.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that," coach Reid said. "That’s one way to say it. There are a couple of guys, with a lot of snaps under their belt, like Jamaal (Charles). They’ve been playing and playing in physical positions; they had a chance to rest up. It gave (Branden) Albert and (Justin) Houston another week to heal up. They’re both ready to go, but it gave them one more week to heal up. I think those are all positives. (Dontari) Poe, who's played a lot of snaps, he got an opportunity to rest up; I think that’s all for the good.”

Asked to fill the place of Jamaal Charles on Sunday was rookie RB Knile Davis, who finished the contest with 27 carries for 81 yards and two scores, pleasing his head coach.

“Knile (Davis) played a good, solid football game, both running the football and protection," coach Reid said. "I think he had one return in the kicking game. I thought he did a nice job. You can see how much he has improved over the year, which is pretty remarkable.”

Following the two-TD performance, Davis now has four rushing touchdowns for the season and five total touchdowns. He also added two receptions for five yards and one kickoff return for 25 yards in Sunday's game. 

Davis offered a personal evaluation of his Week 17 performance.

“I think I did pretty good," Davis said. "I had an okay game last week, so I wanted to redeem myself and I think I did alright. I treat it just like any other game. All it comes down to is going out there, executing and doing our job. That was our mindset.”

The former Arkansas running back greatly appreciates the trust of his current leaders, RBs coach Eric Bieniemy and coach Reid, who each gave Davis specific instructions to help him succeed on Sunday.

"Go play," Davis said his coaches instructed. "Stop thinking; sometimes I overthink stuff, because I want to be perfect, so they told me to just go out there and play and that’s what I did. It's just great; it just shows the confidence of my RBs coach and Coach Reid; they have a lot of confidence in me and I didn’t disappoint them. We all played hard."

Breaking one tackle after another, during the game, moments afterward and without prompting, Knile gave a shout-out to the guy he replaced.

"A lot of respect to Jamaal Charles," Davis said. "I’m banged up and I know what he goes through every week; I have nothing but respect for Jamaal. I have the adrenaline pumping in the game, but as soon as it’s over, I feel it. I just run hard, run angry, that’s my mindset, that I can’t be brought down and that’s how I run. You have to run with a chip on your shoulder; that’s football."

Paving the way for Davis to run was his offensive line, which continues to be impressed by #34.

“Knile is a fun back to block for," Chiefs rookie OL Eric Fisher said. "The extra yards he gets is fun to watch. Obviously, him getting in the end zone is pretty fun too.”

Fellow Chiefs O-linemen, C Eric Kush and G Rokevious Watkins couldn't say enough about Knile's many skills and work ethic.

"I love blocking for him," Kush said. "He runs heavy and runs hard. I love it."

Watkins agreed.

"I’m proud of Knile," Watkins said. "Knile always comes in every week and works hard. He just did what he normally does."

Any great running back is always quick to give credit to the guys up-front, which is exactly what Davis did, when asked to describe his two TD runs on Sunday.

"The O-line had it blocked up really good and I hit the hole and that was pretty much it," Davis said.

Sounding like a seasoned veteran, Davis put a wrap on Sunday's game by looking ahead to Saturday's Wild Card matchup against the Colts.

"We have to have a good week of practice," Davis said. "We respect them, because they’re a great team, and we have to focus on doing our job."

The Chiefs will continue working on their game plan, later today, for the job assigned to them in Indy at 3:35 p.m. CT on Saturday.


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