Kyle Orton Postgame Comments

Posted Dec 24, 2011

On his inconsistent game: “It was frustrating. I think we all had a hand in it; offense, defense and special teams. To finish the way we did but also to fight and get back in the game the way we did was frustrating as well. We had too many mistakes in order to beat a good football team in December. The Red Zone turnover I had, that’s the one I wish I had back. The other interception, #26 [CB Stanford Routt] made a great play. He is good player and sometimes that happens in the NFL. They make great plays and I give him credit for that.”

What were you able to do on the last drive that you couldn’t earlier in the game? “We would take one step forward and a couple of steps back. It seems like the whole game, we’d pick up a first down and then get a holding call, bad ball, drop or procedure penalty. It just wasn’t as crisp as last week. It is disappointing to play like that in a big game. I thought all of the guys fought hard. I haven’t been here that long but these guys fight. It is an honor to play with them. The competitive spirit that everybody has in that locker room is a great thing. It is what enabled us to come back and tie the game and have a chance to win.”

On the importance of next week’s game against Denver: “You only get 16 games in the NFL, so every one of them is meaningful. For a player, coach or the organization, they are all important. I am sure that guys will be ready to play. If you ask my teammates, I am motivated quite a bit for every game. I don’t think that will change.”

When did you become aware the Broncos got beat? “I just found out ten minutes ago, to be honest with you. My focus was on beating the Raiders and I didn’t get that done.”

What is your understanding of the offense? “The system is no problem at all. Knowing the plays, formations, and stuff like that, I think we have a good playbook. I have it down pretty well. We haven’t hidden the fact that when you only have a couple of weeks to work with wide outs, there is probably going to be one or two times a game where he is thinking something and I was thinking something different. It just happens. It’s just kind of looking at reality. You are not going to fix that in a week of practice. It takes a long time. It takes all summer. That is why you work, why you go through camp, why you work on your own. It takes a lot to get that timing. We have great receivers. Dwayne Bowe is a special player. He came up in a big situation and made some plays for us.”

Were there receivers in the area on the two intentional grounding penalties? “We will have to go back and look. They said, ‘No’. They were two big penalties. I don’t know. The one that knocked us out of field goal range or to make it a longer field goal, I thought I had a receiver there. They made the calls and we have to live by it.”

What happened on the last Chiefs scoring drive? “We tried to keep our energy up. We started the game where everybody was excited for the game. When you play good defenses sometimes you hit a rough patch. It is not going to go perfect for you the whole game. That’s the challenger in this league, to keep on fighting and keep on clawing. When that momentum does turn you have to take advantage of it. As an offense we did a great job of that, just fighting, fighting, fighting. We got that momentum to turn and we hit some plays and gave ourselves a chance to win the game. I commend everyone for fighting hard and giving us a chance to win it at the end.”

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