Posted Sep 24, 2012

WR Steve Breaston and T Eric Winston

Q: What’s the difference between playing inside or outside wide receiver positions?

BREASTON: “There are differences but you’ve got to be able to play all the positions to be able to get on the field and things like that. I’m just there and I’m ready and whenever they call upon me, just be ready and go out there and not let there be a drop off in the receiving unit.”

Q: What do you take away from yesterday’s game from an offensive standpoint?

BREASTON: “I think we moved the ball well. I think the biggest thing is taking care of the ball and not having the turnovers that we do have. I think we do a great job of driving down the field. Obviously we’ve got to do better in the red zone, but as an offense we have playmakers and we’re able to move the ball. I just think we need to take care of the ball.”

Q: Coach talked about the confidence of getting a win. Can you talk about the emotional side of football, specifically yesterday’s game and the potential of going 0-3 or winning and getting back on track?

BREASTON: “Games like that can build momentum throughout the season. Going down there to New Orleans and playing a team like the Saints and to be able to win like we did, it builds the team and brings us together just for the simple fact that we went out there and in all facets of the game, special teams, offensively and defensively, everything played a part of us winning that game. We just have to build on that and carry it over to next week, but that was a good win.”

Q: Now you’re playing for first place. A week ago everybody was wondering what was wrong and now you could be in first?

BREASTON: “Just like a year ago, it was only the third game of the season and everyone was saying all this, but it’s still early in the season. We’re playing for first place now but you just have to take it as one game at a time. Just like last week, we lost the first two games and we were able to come back with a win. It’s still early in the season, so your focus is going out there and getting a win and preparing all week for practice and going out and getting a win and get to .500.”

Q: How much of a boost was Jamaal Charles’ 91-yard run?

BREASTON: “It was. Just a playmaker like Jamaal just going out there and making a long run like that, the defense was playing well all game, and that was also a boost, especially them holding that offense to the points they had. When Jamaal breaks that run the momentum swung our way. Knowing that we can make plays like that and then the way the defense was playing all game, it was great.”

Q: Talk about the confidence that was built during yesterday’s game?

WINSTON: “Well I think any time you have a win, especially like that, in a hostile place against a good team with a lot of talent, just in the way we did it, I think you should have a lot of confidence and I think it should show what this team can do. Now it’s a matter of carrying this team forward.”

Q: With a divisional game coming up now and first place on the line, does that add to the confidence, add to the spark for this week?

WINSTON: “Obviously we needed to get a ‘W.’ We needed to find a way to get a win and we got it. And now we’re playing for first place. That’s how much fun this league is and with the division games, obviously they’re so important. If you win those you’re probably going to make the playoffs. It’s exciting. Obviously, San Diego is a tough team, they’ve been playing well already this year and we’ve got to find a way to get another ‘W’ again this week.”

Q: When you get a back like Jamaal who is on a roll and is clearly breaking runs, what is the feeling of the offensive line, especially when the offensive line was a little patched together there?

WINSTON: “It’s funny, you don’t usually catch yourself down, I think 18 at one point, in the game and still have as many runs as we did. So it was a little different, but you knew it was just a matter of time before he broke one. You kind of felt it early in the game he was already getting eight, nine yards and usually when that happens there’s going to be a big one coming in after that. So I think everyone was feeling it, I think the offensive line was feeling it. I think we had a lot of confidence that we could make something big happen. I know Jamaal was really starting to gain a lot of confidence throughout the game.”

Q: What’s it like to have to make adjustments on the offensive line in the game like you did yesterday?

WINSTON: “It’s a little hectic. That was my fourth guard play of my career and I think my first at right guard. That’s football and that’s life in the NFL. Unfortunately there were some injuries and we’re keeping our fingers crossed about Rodney [Hudson] and we’ll see what happens. The guys go down, you have to fill them in, you have to step up and unfortunately it’s happened for us early in the year but almost every team goes through something like that where there’s going to be shortages at positions and guys are going to have to play positions that they may not be used to playing or guys that haven’t had a lot of experience are going to have to step up and play. So this is Jeff Allen’s time. Obviously he’s probably going to see some reps and see some more action. He got drafted high and he’s got to play well and we’ve got to keep the train moving.”

Q: Have you ever played center?

WINSTON: “No. No. We’re in deep trouble if that happens. I promise you that.”

Q: How about Ryan Lilja’s performance at center. He said he practiced it some, but to move to that job in the middle of that game has to be tough?

WINSTON: “Yeah, he told me I don’t think he’s ever played it in his life at center in a real-action game I think. It was impressive. Obviously he’s put a lot of work in and you can see it. And he’s such a reliable guy that I think everyone felt pretty comfortable about him going there. And you watch him on film, he looks like a natural and he looks like he’s played the position for quite some time. If that ends up being our set that ends up being our set, if not, if we get Rodney back soon, then great too. So I think we’ve got some versatile guys that can play a lot of positions and can play them pretty well.”

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