Latest NFL Power Rankings: Where Do Chiefs Sit After Sunday's Loss?

Posted Nov 7, 2017

The latest NFL power rankings have been released

The Kansas City Chiefs fell to the Dallas Cowboys, 28-17, on Sunday afternoon to move to 6-3 on the season.

It was Kansas City’s third loss in its last four games, though the Chiefs still sit atop the AFC West with a two-game lead over second-place Oakland.

And despite the recent slide, the Chiefs still rank among the best teams in the league according to the latest power rankings.

The Chiefs were ranked at No. 5 in ESPN’s poll, behind the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings.

Kansas City has played three of those teams already this season, going 2-1 against them.

The Chiefs were also ranked fifth by Sports Illustrated, trailing Philadelphia, New England, Pittsburgh and the Dallas Cowboys.

Kansas City has played each of those teams already this season, the only team in the NFL to do so, and has gone 2-2.

The Chiefs checked in at No. 6 in Yahoo! Sports’ rankings on Tuesday, slipping from the No. 2 spot last week.

Here’s what Frank Schwab, who put the list together, had to say about the Chiefs:

The Chiefs are still a contender. None of their losses individually were that bad. They’re still clearly the favorite in the AFC West. The problem is losing three of four has put them in a bad spot because the Steelers and Patriots are starting to cruise. had the Chiefs at No. 9 in their rankings, but analyst Elliot Harrison still has high hopes for what Kansas City can accomplish the rest of the season.

The Chiefs are still Super Bowl contenders. It's far from panic time. Kansas City has played a very difficult schedule to this point. In fact, four of the Chiefs' past opponents are in the top eight of these rankings -- and they've also played No. 13, 15 and 18. That's not counting the win over the Deshaun Watson-led Texans. I Think a healthy Tamba Hali will help tremendously, especially with Dee Ford in and out of the lineup.

Click here for the rest of Harrison’s thoughts.

The Chiefs will rest up this week before trying to get back on track next week against the New York Giants (1-7).

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