Let's Go Camping: Report Day!

Posted Jul 29, 2010

Chiefs football is finally here! Are you ready?

It is ok to get excited, Chiefs fans. It really is.

Football finally is here. Footballs start flying in just about 24 hours. Today is report day for the Chiefs in their new summer home of St. Joseph, Missouri. The players, some of them likely wide-eyed and some of them in a habit of routine, are expected to begin arriving at their dormitories on the campus of Missouri Western State University late Thursday afternoon.

For the players, this is all business.

Tomorrow marks the continuation of a blueprint for 2010 that began months ago. Jobs are on the line and “next season” is no longer something to talk about; it begins right now. Training camp is about focus, dedication, team-building and, of course, making the 53-man roster. It’s about established leaders like Mike Vrabel and Thomas Jones showing a group of young and talented newcomers exactly what preparing to win is all about.

For the fans, this is a party.

Training camp is finally back in the heart of Chiefs Kingdom and a sea of red is expected to pack St. Joe for the next three weeks. Honestly, the place couldn’t look any better. The facilities are first-class, from what the players will experience every day, right down to the various amenities that will help increase the training camp experience for fans.

For those of you that are able to venture into St. Joseph, you’ll have some of the best seats in the house. Players are going to feed off of your enthusiasm, so let them hear it.

There really isn’t a better year for the Chiefs to return home. Optimism is high, a young roster is maturing and the team is riding in the midst of its most productive off-season in recent memory. Some believe it’s a case of addition by subtraction, while others simply believe in the value player development. Either way, everyone wants to see this momentum continue and that starts with a productive training camp.

Really, the only thing left to do is for the players to turn that optimism into a reality. It’s a tall task and it’s all about to begin.

While this year’s crop of hopefuls try to prove things on the field, we’ll help you sort out all of the notables.

Here’s what you can expect each day from training camp out of…

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Gear up for football!

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