Posted Jun 7, 2010

The project will chronicle the lasting legacy of one of America’s greatest sportsmen.

The Kansas City Chiefs announced on Monday that Michael MacCambridge will write the authorized biography of Chiefs Founder Lamar Hunt. This project will chronicle the lasting legacy of one of America’s greatest sportsmen. MacCambridge will examine in rare detail Hunt’s life and career which forever changed the landscape of professional sports.

“As the author of the definitive history of professional football, America’s Game, Michael MacCambridge has few peers in his craft, and we are thrilled that Michael has elected to dedicate his time, energy and expertise to chronicle my father’s life,” Chiefs Chairman Clark Hunt said. “This is a very important project to me and my family, and we believe Michael is the perfect person to tell the story of Lamar Hunt.”

MacCambridge is widely respected in NFL circles for his previous work on the critically-acclaimed America’s Game – the definitive history of professional football. During his research for the book, MacCambridge forged a relationship with Lamar Hunt, spending more than 25 hours interviewing the humble Texan who founded the American Football League, named the Super Bowl and served as a driving force in the landmark AFL-NFL merger.

“Lamar Hunt’s life is a quintessential American story,” MacCambridge said. “I had the privilege of talking with him extensively during the writing ofAmerica's Game, and found him endlessly fascinating. Iam lookingforward to revisiting his life and times, talking with the people who knew him best, and learning more about the man.”

MacCambridge’s in-depth biography will trace the life of Hunt, who appropriately earned the nickname “Games” as a youth. Hunt spent his adult life immersed in the American sports scene. In addition to founding the AFL, Hunt helped usher in the open era of professional tennis (through his World Championship Tennis tour), was a central figure in popularizing the sport of soccer in the United States (owning franchises in both the North American Soccer League and Major League Soccer), and was a founding co-owner of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls.

In total, Hunt was inducted into 11 different halls of fame thanks in large part to his involvement in six different professional sports leagues. Widely regarded during his career for his more notable contributions to professional sports, the ever-modest Hunt eschewed credit for his many accomplishments, content to remain a fan at heart throughout his time. MacCambridge’s work will thoroughly document the life of one of America’s great sports pioneers and shed new light on Hunt’s tremendous legacy.

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