Matt Cassel Postgame Comments

Posted Sep 11, 2011

Opening Statement: “Obviously this is not how we wanted to start out the season, especially at home. Every phase of the game didn’t go right for us. Offensively, we couldn’t get anything going all day. We lost the ball a few times. I need to play better. We need to play better as a group, as a team and as a whole. We will regroup and get ready for Detroit next week.”

On Coach Haley taking 100% of the blame for this loss: “As players, we take responsibility too. It is never 100% on the coaches. I felt that going into this game we truly had a good game plan and we didn’t come out and play well as players. The responsibility, whomever anyone wants to point the finger at, starts with us as players, then coaches and everyone else. We just have to figure it out so we can get better and move forward.”

On the offensive game plan: “It was something we felt going into this week that we could get the ball out and out flank them a little bit based on some of the coverages we saw them play on film. It worked out here and there, but at the same time we didn’t get enough shots down field in order to really establish something.”

Would you have liked to take more shots down field early? “You never second guess. You go out there and play. We had a few shots and I missed one down the sideline to Dwayne [Bowe] later in the game. It just didn’t work out that way today.”

On the effect of the overturned touchdown: “It is definitely a momentum changer. We didn’t even walk away with points from that drive. At the end of the day when the score is so lopsided, you’ve got a lot more issues than just one overturned call.”

Why was the no-huddle ineffective? “Anytime you score only seven points and your opponent puts up 41, you’re not having an effective day. We have to get back to the drawing board in all phases of the game.”

How do you get back the home-field advantage: “It is just one game. We have a lot more opportunities to play here at home. Personally speaking, I am embarrassed to go out there and do that in front of our crowd. We need to take great pride in being dominant at home because we have such a great fan base. They are the twelfth man.”

Are you able to not have this game weigh on your mind? “It is the only choice you have as a player. You can’t let one game run into the next one and then the next. It has a snowball effect. As players we have to learn to turn the page. We have to learn how to win. We have to find a way to rebound and come back against Detroit and have a better outing.”

Why do you feel this team was not prepared? “I felt like we were prepared. We just didn’t come out and play well. The responsibility does not rely solely on Coach Haley. It lies on us as players and we have to make a collective effort to get better.”

What did Buffalo do that surprised you? “They didn’t do anything we were surprised about or planning for. They just executed better. They took care of the ball. Sometimes that’s all you need.”

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