Matt Cassel Postgame Comments

Posted Nov 6, 2011

On the game: “We are all disappointed on how we played today. We got beat in all three phase today. We didn’t want to come out here in front of our home fans and play like that but unfortunately it went the way it did. Our hats go off to the Miami Dolphins for their first win of the season.”

Was there anything left in the tank after the Monday night game and the short week? “I felt that our guys played hard today. I don’t know it was a factor or not. I think this team was well prepared. We felt like we had a good plan and we just didn’t go out and execute.”

Do you agree with Coach Haley that he worked you guys too hard this week? “I don’t know. They executed and we didn’t. We were able to put together some drives but we weren’t able to sustain those drives offensively. We have to do a better job of executing. It starts with me and just goes right down the line.”

Why do you feel there was pressure on you and was it tough? “I think, offensively, it all starts with the quarterback. We are the leader of the group and I felt like I was prepared to play. Unfortunately, we as an offensive unit just didn’t do well today.”

Can you compare the feeling of this game to the first two games of the season? “They are all different. Anytime you lose it’s disappointing. The San Diego Charges game, the third of the season, was probably more disappointing than any of those other games but this was a disappointing game. We also understand we’ve now just reached the halfway point in the season. There is a lot more football left to go.”

Were you having to scramble more than you’re used to or want to? “You go out there and you play the game and sometimes that happens. They have a good pass rush and we knew that coming in. It came up where I had to get outside of the pocket a little bit more than I had in the past.”

Is it hard for a quarterback to get into a rhythm when you are constantly moving? “I don’t know. Today I think, offensively, we just never go into a rhythm. Our team didn’t get into a rhythm. They beat us in all three phases. It’s one of those situations where we are going to have to go back in and review the film and get back to work.”

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