Matt Cassel Postgame Comments

Posted Dec 5, 2010

Opening statement: “[It was a] big win for us. It wasn’t pretty. But, at the same time, I thought we came out and we’re able to overcome some adversity. Our hats go off to the defense. They played well all day long and continued to keep us in the game, continued to keep the lead. It was a battle and it was just fun to come out on top today.”


Was it nice to be able to say to the defense, “Hey, you guys won it for us.” I am sure you want to put up points, but is that the “silver lining” to only scoring 10 points? “I think really the message is that we are coming together as a team. Sometimes, offensively, you don’t have the greatest days at the office and today was one of those days for us. But, you know, when you start becoming a more complete team, that’s when the defense steps up and special teams steps up and you have big days in other aspects of the game. I thought, collectively, it was a good overall win for the Kansas City Chiefs today.”

How have you been able to stay aggressive and limit the turnovers? “It’s a really good question. Sometimes we’re lucky. It just comes down to that. But, at the same time, guys are making plays. I think that we’ve had a balanced attack. I constantly talk about that: having a running game, getting ourselves into manageable situations, and guys going up and fighting for the ball when it’s in the air and continuing to do that. I am trying to play smart. I am trying to do that. But, it’s a collective effort.”

How was Denver able to take WR Dwayne Bowe away from you today? “They did a good job. Champ’s [Bailey] one of the premier corners in the league. Obviously, Dwayne is a guy that’s had a tremendous amount of production, not only the last few weeks, but throughout the course of the year. So, I’m sure they target him and said, ‘We’re not going to let Dwayne Bowe beat us today.’”

Is it going to be the case that you guys are going to struggle if you can’t get Dwayne Bowe the ball? “You know, I don’t think that was the case today. I think it was just [lack of] execution by us. I think we had some penalties in the Red Zone throughout the course of the game. We struggle to get into a rhythm because of the factor. Offensively, we’ve just got to do a better job of coming out and playing more consistently.”

On having WR Dexter McCluster back: “I think that they [the defense] have to recognize Dexter because of his explosiveness. You could even see it as he ran those dummy reverses today, where they constantly had somebody run over to the other side of the field and we had a lot of production running the zone to that side of the field. So, you definitely have to account for him. Hopefully, as we move forward, we can get him more involved in the offense and the overall scheme of things.”

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