Matt Cassel Postgame Quotes - Chargers

Posted Sep 14, 2010

Chiefs beat Chargers 21-14

Opening Statement
: “I’m just really excited for this team, for this organization to come out here and get a big victory against a division opponent. I thought the defense did great, I thought special teams did a great job, and offensively we did what we needed to do to win the ball game. All in all we’re excited to get out of here with a victory tonight.”


How do you asses your play tonight especially with tonight’s weather conditions? “I think Coach (Todd Haley) made it a point going into this game that we want to take care of the ball, especially as the conditions got worse and worse throughout the game, we weren’t going to take a chance and turn the ball over. So I was doing my best to protect the ball throughout the night and we did that. There were no turnovers tonight and that helped us.”

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