Matt Cassel Postgame Quotes

Posted Sep 2, 2010

Chiefs vs Packers

An evaluation of yourself over the entire preseason?
“It’s hard to evaluate the whole preseason right now, but I think overall as an offense we made a lot of progress throughout the preseason. I think we ran the ball extremely well, we had a lot of production out of our no-huddle offense and I’m excited to get ready and I’m just looking forward to getting the season going and getting it underway.”

Anything specifically that you are happy with and that you want to work on? “I think I made great strides throughout the preseason and I was happy to stay healthy throughout the preseason and I feel like throughout the preseason I had great command of the offense and understood and knew what I wanted to do with the ball. I think in the preseason we worked on a lot of different things and were able to accomplish a lot and now it’s time to get ready to start the real stuff, the real games.”

Talk about the 30-yard cross to WR Dwayne Bowe that ended up setting up the touchdown. It seems like he’s playing faster this year than last year? “I’ve said it all along throughout camp that Dwayne’s come in, he had a great camp, he had a great off-season which I think is what has put him in a great position to come in and play well this year and you can see it on the field, you can see it in production throughout the preseason, Dwayne’s doing a great job for us.”

As far as the offense goes, from the beginning of preseason until now, how confident are you now in where you guys want to be? “I’m excited where we are offensively. I think the coaches have set up the weekly game plans to try to emphasize different things and I think we’ve got a lot of positives coming out of this preseason. I think we’ve moved the ball, we’ve scored points, the one thing we haven’t done is start fast but again this is a 16-game season and it might not happen in the first preseason game but you know what, eventually this thing’s going to get on the right track early in the game and I’m excited about that.”

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